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For the Active Runner: Jabra SPORT Wireless Headphones

Jabra Sport Wireless Headphones

Most of the items that I feature on SEBG are for the girls… occasionally I’ll throw one or two in for myself.  But today, it’s all about Rob.  He always says “When do I get to review something for you?!”  Today is your lucky day, honey!

Actually, the Jabra Sport Wireless Headphones I was sent to review, or Rob for that matter, could easily be for me too, except that my running has definitely taken a backseat this summer.  So, Rob is the lucky one that gets to wear these beauties and he was certainly excited to trade in his generic white ear buds for them too!


One nice luxury of the Jabra Sport Wireless Headphones is that they come with 7 different eargels to make sure that you get the perfect fit.  I know, just from my experience with other types of headphones that I can never really get them to feel comfortable, not an issue with these headphones, for sure.

Jabra Sport Wireless Headphones

Other than the most notable feature {wireless}, a few other reasons that Jabra Sport Wireless Headphones are Rob’s earphones of choice now are:

  • Built-in FM Radio
  • Ability to switch from Music to Answering Calls on the Headphones themselves. 
  • Sweat and Dust Proof
  • Shock Resistant

Jabra Sport Wireless Headphones

Obviously the headset has wires connecting to each of the earphones, but they are completely wireless.  They work with your phone {and other devices} Bluetooth capabilities.

So, once you’re ready to go, and connected, and see that little blue light above, there’s no need to have your phone out to use.  Keep it in your pocket, on your arm strap, wherever… and control your music and your phone right from the headset!

If you have a runner in your life – or are one yourself – the Jabra Sports Wireless Headset would be a wonderful gift to them or yourself!

You can connect with Jabra on Facebook and Twitter and see all of the other great products they make.  You can purchase the Jabra SPORT+ Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones on Amazon for $99.99.



  1. Brahmnoor says:


    It seems a decent review. May I know if these earphones work with iPod Touch ? I am thinking of buying them.
    Brahmnoor recently posted…Philips SHQ1000/98 Headphone Price & ReviewMy Profile

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