Washing and Lanolizing Wool in under 2 Minutes {video demonstration}

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Using wool with a cloth diapering routine is one of those things that people usually resist until it becomes totally necessary. 

It became totally necessary for us when Sophia was 9 months old.  She was soaking through a bumGenius 3.0 doubled with hemp inserts and I was getting totally frustrated at having to wash her sheets every morning – not to mention having a cranky, wet baby every day!

And althought most people talk about cloth diapering with wool in the overnight sense, it can be used during the daytime too!  It's just that the combination of a fitted cloth diaper and wool makes for a bulletproof nighttime routine for most!

So why then do most parents dread using wool?  Because they think it's going to be hard.  Washing, Lanolizing, Drying – oh my!  News Flash – it's super easy and can be done it under 2 minutes {except for the soaking time} IF you're not taking a video and can use both hands.  More on that in a bit!

Lanolzing Wool

Don't let wool fool you – it's super easy to take care of and prep and I can't wait to show you just how easy…

Now you see what I mean about under 2 minutes?  I talked a bit too much and fiddled to show you everything, but the process really can be done that fast.  Although, you'll definitely want to let your wool soak in the lanolin and water for at least 15 minutes!

As I said in the video, if you're using wool covers only at night – unless they get soiled – you'll probably only have to do this process every 2-3 weeks.  Even if your wool feels a bit damp in the morning, set it aside and let it air dry and take a whiff.  When it starts smelling a bit stinky after it's dry, it's time to lanolize again!

Have more questions about wool?  Check out my Cloth Diapering with Wool FAQs.

cloth diapering with wool

Have you found the love for Wool yet?  How long did it take you in your Cloth Diapering Journey?


  1. Well after cloth diapering 5 kids and prepping to cloth #6, I’ve been at this 18 years. And this time wool just keeps coming back to mind. Im about 90% ready to change direction and dump PUL and taffeta for wool. I feel like there is a reason the decision Jeeps re-surfacig on a weekly basis. So hows that for taking a long time lol.

  2. Julie Wood

    I always wondered how you wash and lanolize wool, but I see it can be done in 2 minutes. This is really easy, and never knew how to do it. Thanks for the awesome tips on how to do this!

  3. michelle523 says:

    You mention using fitteds under the soaker… I use prefolds with a snappi closure. This is about the same right? I don’t have to buy fitteds, right?

    I am going to knit my own soakers soon. So excited.

    • Yes Michelle, prefolds will absolutely work – as long as they are absorbent enough for overnight. Just make sure your snappi doesn’t snag on your soakers.

      And yes – knit your own! Lots of people do! I’m assuming that you lanolize knit soakers the same way as the wool ones that I use. I think they need to be felted first, but honestly, I’m not totally sure that is true. I need to look into that part!
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  4. Just wanted to say, I learned something new to me. How neat! (It was fun to also hear your voice :o) And I did take a look at your other video of your sweet girl singing Twinkle, twinkle and counting and abc'S! What a smart and precious girl!

    I hope you all are doing well!! We are settling in nicely here in Kentucky, so am trying to get back into my one post a week!

    Blessings & Aloha!

  5. Great wool wash tutorial to show how easy wool really is!  The only thing I would add is a warning that too much agitation can cause felting, so I use slow and gentle squeezing instead of swishing and wringing. :)

  6. Amy Hartman says:

    Evidently at 8 am I can’t spell very well- whoops. *Tennessee :)

  7. Amy Hartman says:

    Your Tenessee twang is so cute! ;)
    I am one of those who is too intimidated by wool; this video helped a lot, thanks!!

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