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Organic Garden Harvest: The Best Way to Freeze Green Peppers

I'm telling you, I am so impressed with our organic garden this year.  Everything that we've planted has just done tremendously well.  A couple of weeks ago, we had zucchini and tomatoes coming out of our ears.  Our zucchini has slowed down tremendously with the hot mid-Summer temperatures, but we're still getting quite a few tomatoes daily.

And our green peppers and jalapeno peppers?  Oh my goodness!  I've been scouring Pinterest for recipes to use the jalapeno peppers since they last longer, but there's just no way for us to use up the green bell peppers before they go bad, so I freeze them!


Not freezing green peppers may sound like a super easy thing to some of you, but there's a couple tricks that someone shared with me that make this the easiest and best way to freeze green peppers!  And I love them, because once you know a super, simple skill like this – it'll stick with you forever and it's something that we can easily pass on down generations to teach our children how to preserve food and live self sustainably.


The only thing you need for this project is your knife, cutting board, green {or any color} peppers, and freezer baggies {or other storage material}.


We hardly ever use green peppers as a whole, I almost always use them sliced or sometimes diced, so it only makes sense to freeze them that way.  So, the I slice up my peppers, take all the seeds and insides, as well as the stems out.

Once you've done that, slice the peppers the thickness that you desire.  Then, arrange them on a cookie sheet.  No, we're not baking, we're going to freeze them individually so that when we put them into our bags to freeze long-term, they won't be stuck together!  That way, you can grab the amount you need any time!


When you lay them on the cookie sheet, be sure there aren't mounds touching each other.


You'll only need to leave them on the cookie sheet for about 20 minutes, just long enough for them to freeze individually so they won't stick to each other when put together in the bag!



  1. What an excellent way to save green peppers for another time. Now I won’t find shriveled-up peppers in my refrigerator any time soon.I’m assuming red peppers can also be saved. I like stuffed peppers a lot so I’m hoping I could also use this method without slicing.

  2. Do you wash the peppers before slicing or dicing ?

  3. Marisa Johnson says:

    Dear Lord, this is so easy, why didn’t I ever think of this before! Like you, I don’t ever use a whole green pepper. Most of the time, I just use them for my amazing Sloppy Joe’s, and then throw the rest of it out. I can now easily make 3 batches (maybe even 4) without having to buy a pepper each time. Thank you so much.

  4. This is how we freeze our blueberries too. Individually on cookie sheets so they don’t clump up. (Frozen blueberries are awesome on a hot day btw.)

  5. Thank you for the tips! We have more bell peppers than we know what to do with this year…so we will be freezing a lot :-)

  6. Thank you. This is very useful information. I will be freezing my peppers from now on. I hate when things go bad before I use them. Such a waste of money.

  7. Very cool!! I will keep this in mind next year ! our peppers didnt do well this year.

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