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Looking for an Easier Way to Bento? Try the new Lunchables Jr

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If you haven't noticed already, I've been bitten by the bento bug and so has my darling, Sophia!  She asks everyday, even when we're just staying home, if she can have a "special lunch"!?  And I've recently found a way to make bentos even easier with new lunchables and Lunchables Jr from Walmart!


Want to hear a confession? 

I don't bento everyday.

It can get messy and sometimes a bit overwhelming – seriously.


And if you've been reading SEBG for any length of time, you know I like things easy, peasy lemon squeezy!  That's why, I'm certainly open to products and ideas that make my #bittybentos easier!  And I've totally found them in the new Lunchables Jr.


Although they are perfectly packaged and proportioned for a snacktime option for the girls, I've been using them in a couple of different ways since finding them in the baby food aisle at Walmart.

Not only have they been perfect as just that, a fabulous snacktime option, they've been super easy and fun to put inside Sophia's bento lunches!


With four varieties of Lunchables Jr – Blueberry Bonanza, Teddy Bear Picnic, Very Beary Crunch, and Ants on a Log – there are certainly plenty of options to keep the girls interested.  I paired the Teddy Bear Picnic with some other foods and made sure to stick with the "bear" theme with my veggie and fruit cutters and cute bento picks to create Sophia's "Beary-licious Bento Lunch"!

The Teddy Bear Picnic Lunchables Jr contains a small container of peanut butter, a section of yummy, cute Teddy Grahams, and dried apple pieces {located right under Sophia's cheese bears}! 


This was really my first "themed" bento and I can see how it's definitely going to be fun doing more themes in the future. 

I'm also planning to not only add these to lunchtime routines, but as a preschool snacktime option.  Sophia will not only eat lunch at preschool {when she attends two days a week}, but she also needs a snack.  I love that the packages are all sealed separately, so I was able to cut them to make them fit in her lunchbox!


So, not only do I now have some help to make my bento snack and lunchtime meals a bit easier, but I have a new favorite on-the-go snack, made with real fruit, from the Lunchables brand!

Do you bento?  What's 1 tip or product that you can share to make bento-ing a little easier?


  1. Aren't those just super cute! Love how creative you got with the whole Bear theme!

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