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My Baby is Going to Preschool and We Get to Go Back to School Shopping for the First Time

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Kohl’s. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

I can't quite believe this sweet little girl of mine will be going to preschool in just a little over a month.


Seriously, where have the last three plus years gone?  It seems like only yesterday, I was a tired, stressed out new Mom with a tiny baby depending on me and I had no clue what in the world to do…


Now, I'm a tired, usually not-so-stressed out Mom {ok, sometimes a bit stressed} with two young girls and still have no clue what to do on most days!


There's one thing that I'm not confused about at all – it's how smart my sweet Sophia is.  She thrives on learning.  Now, I'm not claiming she's a genius here, because I know we all think our children are smart, but I'm telling you this little lady wants to learn

She knows more about dinosaurs than I'll ever know

She is learning to spell words and sound out letters to when she sees them written on signs and packages in stores. 

And she's got the itch for writing. 

She wants to be able to draw anything she can think of, but her little body and motor skills haven't quite caught up with her mind yet! 

She'll be attending a local preschool a couple days of week for 5 hours each day, so I'm hoping it will be just enough time for her to get to experience being around other children, having a teacher authority, and learning while having fun!  And I have to admit, I've been so excited about her going – maybe more than she is because I know just how much she's going to love it! 

I've gotten all into the Back to School shopping, picking out her first real backpack, and when her Classroom Supplies List came in the mail the other day, I couldn't wait to show her!


As a family, we already love Kohl's, so it's no surprise that we went straight there when it was time to do Sophia's Preschool Clothes Shopping!  I absolutely love that I can find some of my favorite brands for the girls – Carter's, Osh Kosh B Gosh, and their exclusive brand Jumping Beans.

I was able to find everything, minus the glue sticks and scissors, that was on our School Shopping List - backpack, Fall/Winter clothes, shoes, and socks.   I'll be sharing more of my Kohl's Shopping Trip in the next couple of weeks. 

So, some might think at age 3, it's a little early for preschool, but not for my little girl! 

She is so excited to go!


What grade will your child be in at school this year?
Have you already tackled Back to School Shopping?


  1. Yay preschool! 

  2. She is so cute, so excited to see how she likes it. 

  3. I've got one starting too, but no supply list to fill. I'll be hitting the consignment sales to get clothes and she was gifted a backpack last year. Best of luck with the first day!

  4. My little guy isn't starting school just yet but I'm sure I'll be crying like a baby once he does!  Beautiful photos of your little lady!  

  5. My 4 year old will also be starting preschool this year and I am a mess! He's so excited, but I am seriously so nervous about it and in just total shock that he's starting school already! We've done some school shopping for him, but still need to get him some new outfits and new shoes! We will definitely be checking out Khol's for clothing! Love their selections!

  6. I remember when my oldest started and I had to do it. Harder on mommy than her. Now this year I am shopping for my baby to start preschool. Its easier with him than it was with my oldest, but that first day of school will be hard!

  7. Yikes! My 3 year old is starting preschool this fall too, and I don't think I'm ready to face it yet!  I'll take her clothes shopping, but I don't think there's a supply list for her school the way they do in higher grades.

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