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Moreaya is My Blanket Girl.

We have a blanket girl – well, really a tag girl.  Sophia was never really attached to one stuffed animal or blanket.  Moreaya, on the other hand, calls out for her "baby" every day – if she's tired or needs an extra snuggle.  She's also started taking to blankets, but not just any blankets.  Oh no, my girl has very good taste.  She is quite in love with her aden+anais swaddle blankets.

I love them for the material – the lightweight and softness – and she loves them for… the tags.


Oh yes, the tags.  That's also why she loves her "baby" so much.  As you can tell, thumb sucking is still going full force and so is the tag obsession.  But, what's attached to those tags is quite nice too!  Although she might tend to overlook the blanket itself, I certainly haven't.


We were recently sent a Bamboo Dream Blanket {free for review} from aden+anais.  We have quite a few of the swaddle blankets {that have 101+ uses} and I invested in a couple of their crib sheets {please, oh please a+a make them in king size!} and the Dream Blanket seemed the next thing we needed for our muslin collection.

The Tranquility Beads pattern matches Moreaya's bamboo crib sheet perfectly and it's super, silky soft.  Although it's very soft, it's quite a bit heavier than the swaddle blankets, which makes it a little harder for this one to be carried all over the house, so it stays in the crib for the most part.  It is very generously sized, as you can see from the picture above, which makes me use it for myself from time to time.


And it turns out that the Dream Blanket can have multiple uses too – like a Peek-a-Boo toy! 

I have come to learn that I will fall in love with any aden+anais product that my fingertips touch.  The quality is unwavering and I swear each item gets softer with every wash!

The aden+anais Bamboo Dream Blanket is available on their website and at a variety of retailers, starting at $59.95.  Be sure to connect with the company on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with all their newest products and promotions!

Are any of your children attached to special things – stuffed animals, blankets, TAGS?!

Loving the rest of Moreaya's bedding – like the crib rail pads and pillowcase?  I made it!



  1. Margaret Polino Nicholas

    My granddaughter has a blankie, it is so worn, but she loves it. My eldest daughter had to add it a new backing.!

  2. My son would love that blanket! He also has very high standards for his 'blankie" only the finest and plush ones will do! She reminds me of him. He is also a thumb sucker and very attached to his "blankie" and his "baby bear"! On a side note: She is such a cutie!

  3. Hello my blog friend!!! My oh my! She has grown so much! Hope that you all are doing well!

    I have been out of the blogging world since my last post in November of last year!!! Goodness! I wanted to stop by and hope to get back to some regular posting. I hope that you get a chance to stop by, if you do get a chance, please do say hello.

    Blessings & Aloha!

  4. Ashley F says:

    That blanket looks awesome!  My daughter has a lovey blanket, it's a turtle head and legs and then a little blankey. It's a "crib only" blanket, but we've let "Mr. Turtle" come out when we've had to take shelter in the basement during tornado warnings or during shots at the doctor. We got a back up, too that we rotate so one doesn't get too worn out!

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