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Ditch the Disposables: You Have Reusable Menstrual Options

This resuable menstrual options post was inspired by my collaboration with  All thoughts, ideas, and opinions are 100% my own!

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Here on So Easy Being Green, we've talked about a reusable menstrual products that are available instead of using disposables.  I've reviewed a few different menstrual cups and even shared how they completely changed my life.  I did a whole series on Mama Cloth before that, when I had completely ditched disposable products after having Moreaya.

But did you know there are even more options than those two?  Yep, there are actually quite a few and today, we're going to examine each and see if one would be better suited to you than another.  I'll be sharing a super awesome new product too!

Ditch the Disposables

It's always good to have options and the reusable menstrual products market isn't lacking.  Let's look at some of the options that are available to women.

Cloth Pads

Cloth Pads

Perhaps cloth pads, also known as Mama Cloth, are one of the easiest reusable options for women to try in their first attempt at going reusable in menstrual products. 

They are really easy to learn how to use correctly, quite simple to wash, and quite affordable.  Although there is a start-up cost, like with almost any reusable product, the amount you need depends on your flow and how often you want to wash your pads.

Resuable Cloth Pads

You can purchase pads individually or in kits, like this one, which is available at


menstrual cup

Menstrual Cup

A menstrual cup has a bit more of a learning curve than cloth pads, but if you get the hang of it, you'll grow to love your cup.  It's liberating – with no mess, no strings, and the ability to do anything you would when you're not on your period – hiking, running, swimming!

There are a few cups on the market, but one of the most popular is the Diva Cup, pictured above.

Reusable Tampons and Sea Sponges

I'm not going to go into great detail about this option because I really have no personal experience.  But there are reusable tampon options available – in the form of crocheted tampons and even sea sponges.

A blogger friend of mine, Courtney from Crunchy Beach Mama has two great posts about both sea sponges and reusable tampons, if you'd like to read more on these two.



Last, but certainly not least… a completely new and revolutionary, option!  Lunapads recently released their new reusable menstrual product – Lunapanties.  So, how are they different from cloth pads?

The insert is sewn right into the underwear, meaning you won't ever have any bunching or shifting like you can experience with cloth pads sometimes.  There are different types of Lunapanties available depending on your flow and your style – don't be thinking these are Granny Panties – no way!

Worn on their own, Lunapanties give you the protection like a disposable pantyliner would, but you also have the option of adding in a liner for extra protection while you're on your period.  No need to change out the Lunapanties each time, though – you simply replace with another insert.  Although, you'll want to wash your Lunapanties daily.


To learn more about Lunapanties, check out the FAQs on the Lunapads website.


Lunapads International is a women-owned and operated social mission-based business & certified B Corporation. Our goal is to help individuals have healthier, positive experiences of their menstrual cycles, & by extension, their bodies overall. Thanks to Lunapads customers who have made the switch to Lunapads washable cloth menstrual pads, over 1 million disposable pads & tampons are now being diverted from landfills monthly.

Thanks to Lunapads' buy-one, give-one campaign called One4Her, for every Lunapad sold, an AfriPad made by women in Uganda, is donated to a girl in East Africa. Millions of girls in the developing world lack access to menstrual products. As a result, many stay home from school during their periods. The missed days add up, with girls missing up to 20% of their education, thereby increasing their likelihood of dropping out. Girls who don't complete their education marry earlier, earn less, and are at greater risk of contracting HIV or dying in childbirth


Are you ready to love your period? 
Which reusable menstrual option do you think would work best for you?



  1. I like the VESTA Hipster Lunapanties in indigo!

  2. My favourite is the Selene Lacy Thong.  I love black lace, and I tend to gravitate towards thongs more than anything because most underpants just don't seem to have enough butt room!

  3. I like the Maia full brief in black.

  4. Samantha S says:

    I like any of the hipster or bikini lunapanties!

  5. I would love to try these!

  6. Amanda K says:

    I love the stripes, but I prefer a bikini style like the MAIA.

  7. Deidra P says:

    I use reusable pads and a Diva Cup, and sometimes use sea sponges as a Diva backup.  I LOVE the idea of Lunapanties and can't wait to own one.  My favorite color/style?  ISIS Hipster paties in black!

  8. Joanne Hans says:

    I have one trial pad and I love it, would really like to try the lunapanties though.

  9. I prefer the darker coloured pads with inserts, just because, over time, there is less evidence if I can't get them 100% back to 'new' with washing.  I have had my lunapads for two years and they are pretty much like new…I would like to try a pair of lunapanties to see if I like them too.

  10. so awesome!! yes please :D

  11. AmandaonMaui says:

    I like the Isis Hipsters because I can use liners. :) They only come in black. I'd like to see them in other fun colors.

  12. Trisha Turner says:

    My favourite colour by far is the Indigo!!  This is such a great option!

  13. I've been wanting to make the switch from disposables but haven't yet. The ISIS hipsters in black looks like it would be a great start in going green! I already use cloth diapers for my child, why not use cloth for me as well?

  14. I like the Kali hipster pink stripe. 

  15. Delci K. says:

    I love the pink stripe hipsters! I really hope to try Luna pads someday :)

  16. Brie Gibson says:

    I like the Kali hipster in pink stripe.

  17. I really like the lace V-kini style! Cute.

  18. Sadie B. says:
  19. Diane S. says:

    I like the lacy v-kini, it says it's only available in champagne in my size, but I like the black

  20. I love the lady thong. It makes being on your period not so aweful.

  21. Love the Kali Hipster in Blue Stripe with insert.

  22. Courtney

    My favorite lunapanties would most definitely be the 'ISIS Hipster Lunapanties with Insert.' in black in size LG. They are exactly the same as my favorite underwear I wear now !

  23. I'd pick Selene Lacy Brief.  FYI, thanks for giving the option to follow on Bloglovin' for those who don't have Instagram.  I don't have an iPhone, so I don't have Instagram.

  24. Danielle says:

    MAIA in black sounds nice

  25. Rebecca Peters says:
  26. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I like the MAIA Bikini for overnights but the SELENE Lacy Thong for for those last few days when you need something but hate wearing regular undies! Would be hard to choose if I win! LOL

  27. I like the SELENE, lacy thong!

  28. Love the ISIS hipster 

  29. Anne Perry says:

    Vesta hipster

  30. Melynda says:

    I like the MAIA brief style best.

  31. I like the KALI Hipster (Pink Stripe) the most.

  32. Andrea H says:

    I like the VESTA Hipster Lunapanties!

  33. sherry moore says:

    i like the SELENE Lacy V-Kini Lunapanties

  34. Tannis W says:

    The ISIS hipster looks good to me!

  35. Kali hipster striped blue… I think this is a marvelous idea!

  36. Hayley s

    I like the Knock out!® Lacy Brief

  37. I've heard of the menstrual cups before, but never the lunapanties.  These would be a great alternative to having to buy pads and tampons!

  38. Wow! I didn't know about LunaPanites, very cool. I really need to try a menstrual cup, I keep seeing so much about them and excuse me for the TMI but every since I got the Implanon birth control I have had irregular bleeding that seems to never end! Thanks for this post, I am definitely going to enter the giveawy :)

  39. I like the brief and the hipster in black or blue!

  40. Ooh…I'd love to try the black ISIS Hipster Lunapanties with Insert.  This is such an interesting idea.

  41. The knock out brief is very pretty.

  42. Wow! Would love to try. Kali hipsters please.

  43. My favorite is the Indigo and Black colours.. can't quite decide which style I like best!

  44. Jamie B. says:

    I like the ISIS Hipster Lunapanties in Black

  45. Chelsie Barrett says:

    I would love to try these.  I currently use mama cloth made by a WAHM, and a meluna cup which does occasionally leak.  I love the idea of panties!

  46. Erin Standage says:

    Kinda weird….I don't want to have to change my underwear multiple times a day. But ANYTHING is better than disposables so I suppose I wouldn't mind trying these.

    • Hey Erin,

      Lunapanties come in a range of styles. The Lunapanties that you would wear for your period (MAIA, ISIS or KALI styles) have a leak-proof lining with bands to hold absorbent Inserts. You simply replace the Inserts throughout the day, no need to change your underwear!

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