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An Organic Garden Update

Yesterday, I shared a little sneak peek at our organic jalapeno peppers so I thought I would give everyone a Garden Update!


In case you didn't know, we decided to go completely organic with our plants – all the way down to the seeds and plants this year.  Although we've never put any type of pesticides on our container vegetable garden, we hadn't been using completely organic plants and seeds in years past. 

This year we're completely organic… and loving it!


I would like to say that it's because the plants are organic is the reason that they're basically growing {and producing fruits and veggies} out of control, but… I have to say that it seems we've had perfect garden-growing weather here in east Tennessee this Summer.


We've had just the right mix of sun and rain.  It's basically rained, even if just a small shower, about every 2-3 days this season, which means our water bill isn't out of control from watering the garden.  Last year, it seemed like Rob was outside watering the garden every night, but this year, Mother Nature has taken on that job for us! 

And our plants are thanking the skies for it!


If you follow me on instagram, you've probably seen a few of our harvests.  We have seriously had more tomatoes and zucchini than we know what to do with!  We've shared some with family, shredded some for zucchini bread and muffins, and ate so many Feta Zucchini Boats!!!

Feta Zucchini Boats

We have ripe tomatoes to pick almost every single day and even our zucchini plants are still producing this late in the Summer.  I've harvested plenty of peppers too – both jalapeno and green peppers and will be sharing with you in the next week or so what I'm doing with that over-abundant supply!

Both Rob and I were a bit concerned with our organic plants when we first planted them. 

gardening with kids

Really, they were the same concerns as always in early Spring.  The plants looked so small and fragile, we just weren't sure if they would really make it.  We were also concerned with animals and pests – but it turns out, our garden has truly never been healthier. 

organic tomatoes

LOOK at those organic tomato plants!  They completely overtook the metal cages!

It does seem that once the tomatoes are harvested, they overripen very fast – so we've been using them as quickly as we can – serving tomato slices with just about every meal!  I'm not sure if it's because they are organic, but it seems a little faster than year's past.

How is YOUR garden going this year?


  1. Lindsey,

    I am one of your many male readers. I was wondering if you knew anything about cutting back sucker branches from your tomatoes. My wife and are working towards organic gardening. We cut ours way back and they did so much better this year. 


    Matt Sullivan

    • Matt – great question!  I actually HAVE heard of this – from my Grandfather!  He used to what he called “sucker” his tomatoes and they would seriously grow as tall as him at 6 feet!  I’ve done this in previous years, but didn’t this year.  It seems to promote a taller growth, rather than a bushier growth, which I think is why ours just collapsed our cages this year.

      He showed me to pinch the tiny new growth that comes up between the stems.  Is that what you did? 

      Lindsey recently posted…Pocket Cloth Diapers are Still an Option When Cloth Diapering on a Budget {giveaway!}My Profile

      • Right on! That is exactly what we did. We used bamboo and tied them very tightly to the poles and they grew tall. From my understanding the sucker branches or any growth that does not have blooms sucks the nutrients from the veggie bearing ones.

  2. What a beautiful bounty!  Moving foiled my plans for a garden this summer, so I have to shop produce stands for amazing organic produce (tomatos and zucchini are my faves).  Enjoy!

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