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Green Your Mom: Full Set of Mama Cloth from Peepods


If you’re a green Mom, want to be a green Mom, or know a Green Mom – you’re really going to love this one!

Peepods is a fabulous company that knows a thing or two about being green.  Amber, the owner and fabulous lady behind Peepods {formerly known as Naturally Simple Products} has created a line of reusable cloth pads, often referred to as Mama Cloth, that are simply gorgeous.


There are three lines of the Peepods cloth pads:  Incontinence Peepods, Postpartum Peepods, and Menstrual Pads.  They also make a line of cloth breast pads as well.

There are a few different reusable cloth pad lines on the market, but Peepods is different and I am honored to tell you why!

In an effort to live out our promise to help women everywhere dress with dignity, Peepods offers a pod for pod promise.  For every set of pods we sell we will donate a set to the Hamlin Fistula Hospital.  This Hospital is a place where women suffering from obstetric fistulas are finding dignity with a surgery to repair a life altering condition.   We encourage you to learn more about this great organization and watch the video “A Walk to Beautiful.”  You will quickly discover why Peepods is committed to helping these women on their walk to hope and healing.

Their a “pod for a pod” promise sets this company apart from all others!


The Deluxe Set of Period Pads includes 3 Panty Liners, 2 Day Pads, and 2 Overnight Pads and comes in 2 color choices: Espresso or Cranberry.  The set also comes with a Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag.  It retails for $78.




  1. I like the menstrual pads in cranberry.

  2. I'd get the Panty Liners in Cream color.

  3. I like the espresso period pads!

  4. Kim Pinch says:

    I would choose the incontinence pad deluxe set in espresso.

  5. the regular period pads in expresso

  6. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I would like the Menstrual pads in the Cranberry.

  7. jennifer bowen

     i go with the deluxe set of 7 in espresso

  8. chelsea says:

    I'd choose the PANTY LINERS in espresso

  9. either the Espresso Deluxe Set of 7 Period Pads and the Espresso Sweetpea Postpartum Pads

  10. Cheryl Tower says:

    I have a hard time choosing between the Espresso Deluxe Set of 7 Period Pads and the Espresso Sweetpea Postpartum Pads. Probbaly the latter if i had to choose in a split second, as thats my nearest need – due in another 3 mos and dont have any cloth pads purchased yet! :) I love that they are washable AND Dryable.

  11. Cheryl Tower says:

    I am 6 mos prego and doing cloth diapering, I want to start cloth mama pads too when I deal with postpartum bleeding and eventually get back to my periods. i have been shopping online for a good deal – I would LOVE to win these!!! Hopeful!

  12. Rachel says:

    period pads in espresso, I think:)

  13. Nikki P says:

    I would get the postpartum pads in cranberry

  14. Period pads in expresso.

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  15. Krystin says:

    Charcoal period pads would be awesome!!!

  16. christine k. says:

    Sweetpea Postpartum Pads, and I would select "cranberry"

  17. Linda R says:

    I would want the period ones in espresso

  18. nikki c says:

    I'd choose the period pads in espresso.

  19. Angela W. says:

    I would choose the period pads in cranberry

  20. Erika E says:

    The period pads would be best for me. I'd like them in espresso.

  21. Kim Barrett says:

    The incontinence pads in sage would suit me.

  22. Hannah M. says:

    The liners in cranberry are fabulous! I use a divacup but t have a heavy flow and need back up!

  23. Tannis W says:

    Both the postpartum and period pads sets look amazing! The espresso color is very nice.

  24. Olivia L says:

    I'd love the period pads in cranberry.

  25. Beth Rees says:

    I like the period pad long in expresso

  26. I would love the period pads in espresso!  Lovely!

  27. Krystal Medina

    All of the fabrics and colors are beautiful! I like the period pads set in cranberry.

  28. period pads in espresso

  29. I have some of these and they are awesome!  I don't care colors, I just need a few more… the overnight kind! ;)

  30. Lori L.

    Hi there, thanks for the awesome giveaway! I'd love to win these for my eldest of 5 daughters who will be starting her period soon. I'd choose the colour collection of panty liners for her.

  31. Bonita

    Period pads in cranberry. :-)

  32. brandy carter says:

    Period pads in espresso. Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. latanya says:

    Period Pads in cranberry

  34. Karina H. says:

    period pads in cranberry

  35. period pea pod pantiliners… nice alliteration… in espresso!

  36. Menstrual Pads in Cranberry

  37. Ronnie DeFord says:

    Period in espresso

  38. Laura Z says:

    Period Pads in Espresso!

  39. Leann L says:

    Period pad-long in cranberry.

  40. Tanaya S. says:

    Delux Set of 7 period Pads in Cranberry.

  41. Vanessa W. says:

    I would love the period pads in either espresso or cranberry!! :)

  42. Menstrual and expresso, also!

  43. Josephine D says:

    DELUXE SET OF 7 PERIOD PADS in espresso!  I love the fabrics they use–they look so comfy! 

  44. nicole lewis

    menstrual pads in cranberry would be my choice

  45. I will be using postpartum pads in December :) but will be using regular ones for about 2 decades more so I would use both! And I like the espresso color.

  46. Lianne

    I would want the postpartum ones in Espresso! We're trying to conceive and these would be perfect for after we're successsful! :)

  47. Lindsey says:

    Postpartum pads in cranberry color as I am due with baby #3 in a few months. 

  48. i think the menstrual ones would be best since I am not incontinent!

  49. Patricia B

    I would love to have a set of period pads in cranberry.

  50. Menstrual and expresso, please!  :)


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