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Disney Princess Party Decorations from Snack Containers

Sophia's 3rd Birthday was over the weekend and she celebrated with a Disney Princess Tea Party theme!  She chose the theme completely, although I encourage adding the Tea Party idea to make it a little more unique.  I made most of the decor and party favors this year, saving a bit on expenses and making the party a little more personal.


I always like to prepare fun party favor bags for the kiddos that come and since we usually have younger guests, I always throw in a few surprising things!

Incorporating Earth's Best Organic into Party Take-Homes


If you're out of ideas for the little guests, jars and pouches of baby food, infant cereal, and fun little books are great additions to their favor bags!

Incorporating Earth's Best Organic into Party Decorations

When I started gathering decorations for Sophia's Princess Tea Party, I realized that I was lacking a bit from our normal party decor.  I had quite a bit, but I knew I needed a few extra things.  We're an Earth's Best Organic family so it's no surprise that we had a few extra Earth's Best snack containers sitting in our pantry.


The idea to simply add a few into the party favor bags crossed my mind, but with their unique shape I knew there had to be a creative way to use them within the decorations themselves – then send them home with party guests!

So I put out the call on the SEBG Facebook Page and on instagram for some fun ideas from you.  Boy, did you inspire me!  I took a few creative readers' ideas and came up with these 2 projects…

Princess Dresses


I used some pretty princess-inspired fabric and simply wrapped around the container and secured with hot glue.  They looked so cute on the party tables and were easily "un-draped" for an after-party snack!

Rapunzel Towers


These towers could get as creative as you wanted them to be.  We made them fairly simple by painting paper {a craft that Sophia could get in on}, then hubby drew on the "stones".  I simply printed off a small picture of Rapunzel and added a yellow yarn braid!  The cones for the tower were glitter cardstock!  Everything was assembled with hot glue and easily came off too!

There are tons of ideas that you could do with snack containers, but these worked great because the containers were still full of yummy snacks!

What type of Party Decor or Crafts could you create with these containers?

I am an Earth's Best blogger.  No compensation for this post has been given.


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