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All I Want for Mothers Day is… QUIET!

I was inspired to write this post about my plans for Mother's Day while participating in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for MetLife.  I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

It's so true.  Everyday of my life seems so loud – there are always things pulling me in 15 different directions and this Mothers Day, I simply want quiet.

You know the kind of quiet that comes from tiny footsteps on the ground…


The kind of quiet where all you can hear is the sound of her {and your} heart beating with pure joy after you've chased each other around the yard, squealing…


The kind of quiet that comes with this smile, although it stands for a thousand words…


The kind of quiet that is sharing special moments with my family doing things that I love the most…


Yep, that kind of Quiet.  That's all I want for this Mothers Day.

I count myself so extremely blessed to have had this job for 3 years now.  Every Mothers Day before has been just like I want this one to be – a time to spend with my Family.  We usually don't do anything spectacular, but the day always turns out to be a special one because we simply enjoy each other's company. 


In celebration of Mothers Day, Metlife is encouraging everyone – mother or not – to enjoy the quiet on the special day as well.  Hopefully you'll enjoy quietness in ways like I will, including the #SocialBlackout Movement.  It's all about putting down your phone, computer, iPad, and enjoying the here and now with the special people in your life!

While we're taking a break from all Social Media, we'll be visiting this lady for sure on Sunday…


I feel even more blessed to be able to spend the day with my Mom.  I see and talk to her almost daily and love the special relationship she has with my girls.  She's my inspiration as a Mom and the person that taught me how to enjoy the quiet moments that truly matter.

How do you plan to spend Mothers Day?


  1. We spent it with family – first with my mom and then just the three of us. It was a nice, relaxing day!

  2. Quiet time with my kids would be great too!

  3. As I sit here with a migraine, I would truly appreciate some quiet for Mother's Day too!

  4. I want your gift – Quite is one thing I don't have around here


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