Spring and Stylish Workout Clothes are My New Motivators

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There's something about Spring that just makes you want to be outside, right?  I mean, I'm sitting her at the computer gazing out the window, sitting in a room with no lights on because the sun is providing the perfect amount of brightness, listening to the birds chirp, thinking about putting on some workout clothes and going for a run, but I'm actually just… drinking Iced Coffee.  Well, granted it's Light Iced Coffee, but still.

Spring IS a good motivator, but sometimes a girl needs a bit more.

stylish workout clothes

I don't know about you, but stylish workout clothes make exercise a little more bearable in my world!


Ellie, formerly pvBody, is a service that does just that – provides you with ultra stylish workout clothes delivered right to your doorstep in a lovely pink package, every month!  You can buy their pieces individually or sign up for a Club Membership which gets you any two pieces for $49.95 plus Free Shipping.

Every month is a different collection.  The outfit I'm wearing comes from the launch of Ellie, the February Love, Ellie Collection.  March was The Little Black Collection and I'm most excited about April's Coral Crush collection because I'm in LOVE with Coral this season!  Ahh!


So, obviously the clothes are stylish, but are they worth the price tag?  Honestly, you can work out in old tshirts and ugly gym shorts if you choose to, and I do sometimes.  But there's something about putting on a cute pair of running capris and a nice fitted shirt to remind you why it is you're busting your butt trying to get into shape!

The clothes I received from the Love, Ellie collection blew me away.  The shirt is ultra smooth and so comfortable.  It's fitted, without squeezing and breathes nicely.  I seriously can't say enough about my capris either. 

stylish workout clothes

They fit me right where I need them to fall and help hold some of that belly in that I'm trying to get rid of!  They're comfy, stay right in place, and motivate me!

I also received a surprise Racerback Bra in my package and love it.  Little things about these clothes stand out to me.  The adorable logo, the belly panel on the capris, and the tags.


I really feel like the switch from pvBody to Ellie has been for the best and I can tell that quality standards have only surpassed what I found in the clothing before.

I do want to address the fact that there have been some negative comments about the company's shipping times.  Ellie is a new company that has really hit a great market.  Their clothes are in demand, and I think, for a good reason.  They have reached out to me to let me know that they only ship items that surpass their quality expectations, which caused a delay in the March collection being shipped.

I received my collection in a timely manner and have been nothing but happy with the items that I have AND the customer service I've experienced with the company.

What motivates you to get Active?  Stylish Workout Clothes?  Sunshine?  The numbers on the Scale?

20 percent of Ellie



  1. I LOVE the Ellie line! I received my LBC leggings and the Ace of Spades top yesterday, and I seriously feel BEAUTIFUL in them! I took a gamble with the top, because I am not in that great of shape…but it flattens and shapes in all the right places!

    It may sound silly, but my Ellie workout gear has seriously given me a confidence boost :-)
    AlannaB recently posted…Why I Am A Green Mom’s Network Member…My Profile

  2. Buying a cute workout outfit would really motivate me, too. I need to do that!
    Dede recently posted…Train your brain to be happier, print some caffeine — I mean, coffee — coupons, and more spring break savings.My Profile

  3. I completely agree. Stylist clothes in general make me feel better – including workout clothes. I love that these are made in the USA too.
    Tracey recently posted…Green Laundry Tip: Don’t Use Too Much DetergentMy Profile

  4. I am going to have to look into getting these myself after I have the baby! They are really STYLISH! =]

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