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How Does She Sleep!? DIY Stuffed Animals Storage

Stuffed Animals Storage Problem

Seriously – How does she sleep in there!?

Before Sophia was born, I had an unspoken rule – no stuffed toys.  From my experience in a childcare setting, I just knew what a breeding ground of germs they are.

But then Miss Sophia fell in love with Mickey and she got the set from the Disney store.  Then her Papaw got her a special dog on Valentine’s Day.  Then she got another that “I just love, Mama!” then another… and another.

We’ve had to implement a new rule.  Only 3 stuffed animals in Sophia’s bed at bedtime.  The rule gets broken, oh, I don’t know every other night, but we’re limiting that’s for sure.  So, I started scouring Pinterest for ideas on how to control the animals that aren’t in her bed instead of having them thrown all over the floor.

I found a few that I really liked, but because of space, we couldn’t do some of them so I made up my own!

Stuffed Animals Storage

I re-used a closet organizer that we already had. Now her stuffed animals that she’s not sleeping or playing with have a special place of their own and she can easily see and grab the ones she wants {with a little help on the up high ones}. 

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  1. I like that blue rose she's got in her hand! :)

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