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How Do You Shop? Online Shopping vs. In Store

Shopping online

A few years ago you would never have found me doing any type of online shopping.  I would have been afraid to give out my credit card information {even to secure sites}, worried about return policies, and not being able to touch a product before I bought it?  No thanks!

Now that I have 2 little girls that I must tote around when I shop, well, I shop online.  Ha!  It's funny, but true.  It takes so much effort to even get the three of us out the door and into a store.  If hubby is with us, well, even more effort to keep the 3 of them entertained while I try to browse.  Actually, there's no browsing at all.  It's.. get in, get what you need, and get out!

So, I started thinking about which one is really a better choice – Online Shopping or In Store.  I came up with quite a list and I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts {leave a comment if you think of something I left out}!

Pros of Online Shopping

Small Stores – Support Work-at-Home-Moms and -Dads.

Online Shopping isn't just for the big companies anymore – so many small businesses are now setting up websites so that you can shop from the comfort of your home while still supporting them.  This also gives them some extra income on top of in store sales.

Price Match

You most often find price matching capabilities online, but some stores do it too.


When I shop online, the first thing I do is read reviews.  Reviews about the website itself from past customers, product reviews, etc.  These are super helpful!  Even when I shop in a store, I often search for online reviews first.


Save gas!


Don't get me wrong, instant gratification at the store is nice, but there's something just so exciting about seeing a package in your mailbox or on the doorstep!

Online Shopping Packages

Comfort of Home

Absolutely the biggest selling point for me with online shopping.  I can stay in my PJs and so can my girls!

Pros of In Store Shopping

Customer Service in Person

Sometimes you just want good Customer Service, from a person.

Touch and Try Products Before Buying

No Shipping Charges

I loathe paying for shipping.

What do you think?  Is my list made up of what your list would be?

I recently had the chance to check out a relatively new high quality Baby Boutique that gives customers both an in store experience {if you live in the Tri-State Area} and a fabulous online shopping experience too!

PishPosh BabyPishPosh Baby is store that has managed to accomplish a store that makes shopping pleasurable whether you do it online or in store.  I'm a bit jealous that I don't live closer as their store looks a-mazing!  You can see it for yourself in the video on the right of their homepage – product demos, a car that you can test different car seats in, as well as strollers.

Perhaps my favorite feature is the fact that the employ real Moms to help with Customer Service – both in store, online, and over the phone. 

Online Shopping

I had the experience of talking with a Mom Rep when I made my recent order.  I was ordering a couple of things for Sophia – a KidKraft Birthday Cake as a present for her upcoming 3rd Birthday {only 2 months away – how can that be!?} and a SkipHop Backpack. 

She's in love with the color blue, so I had my heart set on the owl.  When I was told that they didn't have the owl in stock, I was a bit bummed, but my Mom Rep quickly let me know that they had the Skip Hop Lunchie in stock in the owl.  I thought it would be perfect for her when she starts pre-school this Fall so I was happy she shared that info with me!



Now all she needs is a cute bento box to fit inside and we're good to go!

I had a pleasant experience both shopping online and by phone at PishPosh Baby.  The two items that I ordered arrived at my doorstep TWO days after I ordered them.  I was shocked at how fast, especially since the KidKraft Birthday cake was also out of stock, but the Mom Rep was able to have it shipped directly from the company to me.

I feel like shopping with this online store gave me as much satisfaction as I would get if I shopped in a store.  The Customer Service I received was superb, the shipping was fast and free on orders over $75, and they have an EZ Return Policy, along with a Price Matching Policy, that put my mind at ease!

You can connect with PishPosh Baby on Twitter and Facebook



  1. Shopping online has made things much easier when you have kids at home. I know mine watch every thing that goes into the cart!!
    Laura recently posted…Easter Craft for KidsMy Profile

  2. My shopping habits vary depending on what I’m shopping for. Now that I’m on the hunt for updated clothes I’ve got to shop in person to try things on.
    But for our son he’s a perfect size 3T so anything for him online will work.
    I love comparison shopping online and finding coupons codes for 20-50% off and free shipping!
    Joyce recently posted…Blogging Pet Peeves: The Three C’s #VlogMomMy Profile

  3. I prefer shopping online because I spend less! I am far less likely to impulse buy when there is a running total that I can see with each addition than when I am randomly throwing things in my cart.
    @MryJhnsn from iNeedaPlaydate recently posted…Because Prompts Are Fun #8 – Luck #promptsrfunMy Profile

  4. If I’m searching for a particular item, I like to compare prices and reviews online and then buy in store if I can so that I can see it and touch it. Other than that, I much prefer in store shopping. I just find it easier to browse racks than to browse pages online. Both have their perks.
    Maegan L. recently posted…Weekend Giveaway Link Up 3/7-3/10My Profile

  5. I like the hunt of in-store shopping. I find that there are better deals in-store than online. Online, the clearance sections are too limited and “picked over.” In stores, you have a better chance of finding a one-off deal because there are less people passing by (online, people can shop from everywhere worldwide, where in-store, only local people can locate that clearance deal). I also love shopping with my daughter in stores. She sits in the cart or stroller and loves to people watch. I too absolutely loathe shipping costs.
    Ashley recently posted…Your Name in Bible Verse Certificate Giveaway 3/22My Profile

  6. I tend to do most of my shopping online. I will even browse online for things I might need to get in-store. I’m not too much of a people person so customer service means very little to me. I’ve had no issues with call-center service when I have an issue. I just prefer shopping online and getting mail. :)
    Shary recently posted…Gaming and Snacking & Pregnancy LazinessMy Profile

  7. I do a lot of shopping online. We live in a small town and finding the items I want locally can be difficult.
    Ellen Christian recently posted…Keep The Kids Busy – Wreck-It RalphMy Profile


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