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Glass Straws are Eco Friendly, but Can They Be Travel Friendly Too?

glass straws

They actually canif you have the right straw!  I had my first encounter with glass straws back in July last year.  It became very clear that I would definitely not be using their disposable counterparts and I wrote about 5 reasons to make the switch to glass straws.

glassdharma3I've been using all of them, although the Junior size doesn't see quite as much action as my Glass Dharma Iced Tea straw for over 6 months now and they still look as pretty and clear as they did the day that I first saw them!

So, since I seriously use them on a daily basis at home, I started thinking about how I could make a change when I'm away from home.  How I could replace those stiff, uncool plastic straws with my gorgeous glass ones.  I did a little digging on the Glass Dharma website and was happy to see that I wasn't alone – they created the Hemp Soft Sleeve for peeps just like me that wanted to take their straws with them everywhere!

glass straw sleeve

The Hemp Soft Sleeve from Glass Dharma is made from 100% Hemp and is super soft.  I love the Ocean Blue color because it matches my new Blue Decorative Dots Iced Tea Straw perfectly!  It fits right down inside with enough room to fold over the top to make sure it doesn't fall out.

glass straws travel friendly

I normally carry the straw right in the bag because I'm afraid it will fall out of my pockets on my Diaper Bag.  It is seriously so much fun to tell waiters at restaurants, workers at the fast food windows {yes, occasionally!} to "hold the straw"! 

And as if I need another reason to love Glass Dharma and their straws, their new Earth Day promotion "1,000 Free Glass Straws for Earth Day" gives me just that…

Free Glass Straws

Participants will be asked to consider their own power of choice with consideration toward PlanetCare™ and to be willing to "make a difference".
Glassdharma will ship PlanetCare™ Packages out of Fort Bragg, California throughout the month of April, 2013. Free Shipping (USA and Canada) will be included with each PlanetCare™ Package.
To recieve your PlanetCare™ Package containing your free glass straw + coupons from 4 manufacturers of fine ECO products, simply click here to fill in the form.

Taking this pledge invites to you rethink and consider your choices as you purchase and choose items for your own use, for others to use and to give as gifts!


I'm sure this going to be a big expense for a small, USA business – so I encourage you to support this initiative and Glass Dharma.

Now you can start toting your glass straw with you everywhere you go, too!

Glass Straw

The Decorative Dots Straw and Hemp Soft Sleeve can both be purchased on the Glass Dharma website.  The set that I've shown retails for $26.00.

You can connect with Glass Dharma on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Have you tried Glass Straws yet?  Did you sign the pledge to receive your free Glass Dharma Glass Straw!?



  1. i would love to take them i go inot place and sthey do not have strws wow ica pull myown out

  2. those are neat and could be handy when travlling

  3. Michelle F. says:

    have not tried them before

  4. Thanks for this! I took the pledge. It’s a good reminder to be mindful of one’s actions.

  5. Wendy Mastin

    I like how eco-friendly they are and I especially like the Hemp Soft Sleeve

  6. Judith Martinez

    I signed the pledge and I’m really excited to get my straw in the mail and give it a try. I love drinking with a straw but I refuse to spend money on disposable straws. I’ve gotten some plastic re-usable straws but they start to crack and split after a few months of use.

  7. Jennifer Johansen says:

    Now why didn’t I think of using a sleeve for reusable straws? These are so awesome.

  8. Those are attractive and eco friendly, I would love some!

  9. I haven’t tried these yet, but I definitely signed the pledge! I’m excited to give them a go!

  10. I’ve been really wanting to try glass straws. I signed the pledge so hopefully I’ll finally get to try one.

  11. I haven’t tried glass straws yet, but have been seeing them around for awhile, I really want to start and that’s a cool way to keep them on the go.

  12. I love this concept, and it’s great they have stuff like carriers for the straw. Nice product!

  13. Stephanie O says:

    Ed them or signed pledge yet.I have not tri

  14. Michelle Perez says:

    I have not used a glass straw yet. I have a tendency to bite on my straws so hopefully this will break 2 bad habits; biting straws and using disposable straws. I also pledged!

  15. I haven’t tried them but have been wanting to! I signed the pledge so I’ll finally get to try them! :-)

  16. I received a straw from Glass Dharma several years ago and I love it! It’s so fashionable and I agree that the plastic straws are just not as special. I have yet to travel with my straw though but will have to check out this case.
    Brandy recently posted…CreativeKrate Makes Crafting & Learning EasyMy Profile

  17. I’ve never tried glass straws but I signed the pledge and I can’t wait to receive and try my first glass straw!

  18. nicole lewis

    i have not tried glass straws yet but i did take the pledge at the site

  19. Dorothy Teel says:

    Thank you I signed the Pledge and looking forward to getting my straw, these are a wonderful idea I want a set with Blue DOTs, will have to check back later on these..

  20. Laura P. says:

    I signed the pledge and I have never used glass straws but think they are a great idea.

  21. Margot C

    Oh yes! I have six Glass Dharma straws. Here’s a real hint. Go to ‘underground’ on the site here: and you can also order special super skinny glass straws that will fit the those plastic thermal cups for iced coffee or in Starbucks cups. That is my new fave Glass Straw thing, a glass straw in a plastic cup!

  22. I’ve never had a glass straw – this is very neat!
    Angela recently posted…My Favorite Windows 8 Recipe AppsMy Profile

  23. Narelle G. says:

    I have never tried them, but would love to! I haven’t taken the pledge, but thinking about it! :)

  24. we have never tried glass straws but such a great idea!

  25. DD LOVES straws and I hate plastic ones. These are perfect. PS…I have the same yellow 31 bag. Great minds ;)

  26. Nicole Bear says:

    Ok, now the question is there, and I guess I answered it anyway!

  27. I love that straw! It sure beats the plastic one but I am not sure if I would remember to bring it with me… certainly worth finding out :)
    @MryJhnsn from iNeedaPlaydate recently posted…Because Prompts Are Fun #8 – Luck #promptsrfunMy Profile

  28. natalie nichols says:

    I signed the pledge and I have not tried them yet!

  29. Sarah Hayes says:

    I did sign the pledge bc Ive never tried these before and Id love to! they look awesome and not using plastic and other disposible materials is important to me

  30. Nicole Bear says:

    I can’t find the question to answer for the giveaway, but I did sign the pledge and I am looking forward to using my glass straw instead of plastic ones!

  31. Amanda Selenke

    I have seen these before and think they are great! I like how big they are and the carry case!

  32. I took the pledge a few weeks ago…very interested in making the switch to glass straws! Can’t wait to try it out.
    Brooke Bumgardner recently posted…Exclusive eShakti Promo CodeMy Profile

  33. We love our glass straws. I think my first introduction was on a blog. I entered a contest and won, and we’ve been hooked since. I also signed the pledge. Heading on over now to look at the hemp sleeves. We use reusable bottles, but I sometimes think about traveling with a straw. Great idea.
    Monique recently posted…Looking for an off-the-beaten path spot for vacation?My Profile

  34. I really want to get a few of these. I’ve heard of them before but still haven’t gotten any. Thanks for sharing.
    Tiffany C. recently posted…Day 9: What’s on your Bucket List or Life List? – 31 Day Blog ChallengeMy Profile

  35. I’ve seen stainless steel straws, but not glass ones. I totally love this! I’m not a fan of plastic, so these would be great to have!
    Erica recently posted…Recipe: Strawberry Lemon Mousse ParfaitMy Profile

  36. Thank you for posting this! I will definitely look into Glass Dharma! My husband has been asking me to buy some straws for around the house, but the disposable ones are so wasteful and I do not want to buy plastic because of BPA.
    AlannaB recently posted…Giving Diapers Giving Hope Auction Begins Today!My Profile

  37. Shannon Stubbs ( says:

    I hadn’t paid much attention to glass straws because I only use them at restaurants, but I may have to check them out.

  38. I must admit, I have not yet made the switch to glass straws. I will have to check out Glass Dharma.
    Sarah Jane recently posted…Breastfeeding a Sick Baby {#BFBlogHop}My Profile

  39. Misfit Momma aka Missy

    I loved my straws from Glass Dharma until my kids managed to break them all! Just signed the pledge so will be happy to have a new straw soon :)
    Misfit Momma aka Missy recently posted…Giveaway: The Hunchback of Notre Dame I & II Blu-ray Combo PackMy Profile

  40. I’ve never even heard of glass straws! Wow! I’m going to have to look in to these!

  41. This is fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing! I use straws all the time, but I’ve never heard of a glass one! This will definitely be a favorite thing in my kitchen!

  42. I need to start doing this again. I used to take mine everywhere – for all 5 of us. And I loved it too – not having to grab a straw! But we (the kids) have broken a couple this way from being dropped…so I stopped. Love the idea and think I’ll start it up again. :)
    Crunchy Beach Mama recently posted…Baby Trend Euroride Lightweight StrollerMy Profile


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