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5 Tips on How to Get Your Toddler to Eat Vegetables

A few months ago I blogged about this subject, but on the opposite side.  I wanted to know how to get my toddler to eat vegetables. 

Toddler Vegetables

Sophia was a great eater as a young toddler – she preferred spinach to chocolate, broccoli to bananas.  Seriously!

But then she became two and everything changed.  I reached out on the blog, on my personal Facebook, to other Mothers… I had no idea what to do with this little girl who was refusing anything that was good for her.  I got some great advice, we implemented some new family rules, and I am proud to say that Sophia is now eating veggies again!  Sure, it's a hit and miss kind of thing and sometimes she still refuses, but I'm going to share with you a little success…

Last night, hubby and I met in the kitchen {we walked out of the dining room} and did a little dance!  Why?  Because she was eating her greens, yes Mixed Greens, without us asking!!!  That's a huge victory!

So, in case you're having some difficulty in this department too, I've scrounged up 5 things that are helping us to win the Battle of Toddlers Vs.Vegetables!

5 Tips on How to Get Your Toddler to Eat Vegetables

1.  Mimic good behavior.

I hate peas.  Despise them.  Almost gag on them.  But, when we have peas for dinner, I make myself a small portion.  If you're toddler doesn't see you eating the vegetables, he or she will definitely call you out!  This also goes with variety and consistency – make sure you're offering a variety of vegetables, not just the same ones over and over, and be consistent – put that veggie on their plate no matter how many times they've refused it… it might be the magical night for asparagus!

2.  Sneak them in to foods your toddler loves.

When I asked for advice, I got this answer a lot.  Although I haven't tried Mashed Cauliflower or Carrot-filled Macaroni and Cheese yet, I have chopped up a few veggies like zucchini and mushrooms and thrown them into spaghetti sauce.  Homemade smoothies are also a great way to hide a few veggie ingredients.

3.  Vegetable Snack Pouches.

Those little snack pouches are one of the best inventions ever.  Seriously, both girls suck them right up!  We had been buying just the fruit filled ones, but my Mom gave Sophia one at her house one day that had Carrots, Apples, and Sweet Potatoes.  She just assumed it was apple sauce and ate it right up!  This is an easy way to get a few veggies in!

Earth's Best Veggie Pouches

Earth's Best Organic now has an all-veggie pouch available for Babies and Toddlers.  Sophia did try it, but immediately could tell it wasn't applesauce, so these are probably better suited for toddlers who haven't developed quite a sweet tooth yet.

This month, Earth’s Best introduced new Organic Veggie Purees! These tasty purees offer a healthy meal for your baby, rich in Vitamin A, E, C and Zinc. The new Veggie Purees are available in four delicious flavors including Sweet Potato & Beets, Carrots & Broccoli, Pumpkin & Spinach and Squash & Sweet Peas.


Moreaya loved the Broccoli and Carrot blend!

4.  Offer lots of praise and maybe even a reward.  Don't be Pushy!

When we first started worrying about Sophia's refusal to eat veggies, we focused on the negative rather than the positive.  "If you don't eat this, you won't get dessert!"  Now, we do the opposite.  There's no promise of dessert every night, but if she does eat her veggies, sometimes she's rewarded.  The reward could be an extra book at story time, an extra helping of fruit, or a special dessert… or just simply praise.  After all, that's what our toddlers love best!

5.  Make Vegetables Fun!

Sophia always eats her vegetables better when hubby is helping.  Why?  Because he makes it more fun.  They trade off, eating a pea off her plate one at a time.  Or he'll "bet" her that she can't eat 3 peas at once.  She thinks it's so fun to prove him wrong and will usually say "I can even eat FOUR!"  Make vegetables fun for your toddler instead of a chore!

I'd love to hear how you get your Toddler interested in Vegetables!
Does it come naturally or is it something you've had to get creative with!?


I am an Earth's Best blogger.  No compensation for this post has been given, but I may be eligible for additional rewards in the future.


  1. sarah p

    The pumpkin and spinach

  2. The sweet potato and beets – would be great!

  3. Suzie Williams says:

    Carrots and broccoli!

  4. Brittney House says:

    Pumpkin & Spinach sounds good

  5. pumpkin and spinach

  6. Rumsita

    Spinach & Pumpkin! Not sure how I’d puree spinach myself, to feed to my son, in a manner that he would like. (Starting solids in a week!)

  7. Laurie Emerson says:

    It would be the Squash and Sweet Peas.

  8. I would like my granddaughter to try the Squash & Sweet Peas. :)

  9. Colleen Maurina says:

    I would like to try the Squash and Sweet Peas.

  10. Totally the pumpkin and spinach!!!
    Michelle Bowman recently posted…KangarooCare All Natural Necklace GIVEAWAY!My Profile

  11. The Pumpkin and Spinach. We need more greens, so this would be great.

  12. I would love for Natalie to try the broccoli and carrots! :)
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  13. Squash and sweet peas but I just can’t see any child liking it, especially since those are two of my most hated vegetables…..but if earths best has found a way to make it taste good enough for children to eat, I will be estatic.

  14. Sweet potato & beets

  15. Julie Ghrist says:

    Squash and sweet peas!

  16. Viv Sluys

    Sweet potato and beets

  17. Not entering since I’m also an EB blogger, but let me reiterate, those pouches are WHERE IT’S AT!!!!

  18. Dayna Wilson says:

    I’d like to try the Pumpkin and Spinach for my son!

  19. Anne Perry says:

    sweet potato and beets

  20. I would like the squash and peas.

    I’m glad to see more all veggie pouches. I’m sick of veggies being mixed with apples or pears.

  21. Jenny Stanek says:

    Pumpkin & Spinach

  22. pumkpin spinach

  23. My grandson would probably like the Squash & Sweet Peas.

  24. The Sweet Potato and beets.

  25. I think dd would like the Pumpkin & Spinach most!

  26. Squash and sweet peas

  27. All of the flavors would be great for my daughter, but I think she’d like the Pumpkin & Spinach flavor the best. :)

  28. My toddler loves veggies. I have to beg her to eat everything else!

  29. These are some great ideas!


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