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My Beginner Sewing Projects

Rob bought me a sewing machine for Mother's Day last year.  I had such big plans – I wanted to learn to make so many things!  But, I never even took the cover off of my machine for a few months.  Even then I only did a few straight stitches, nothing special.  But I'm determined to go from Beginner Sewing Amateur to a Sewing Novice {but only for personal hire}.  ;)

Finally I decided to tackle my first project.  I was having a fun, coffee-theme party for some friends and I wanted to make cute coffee cozies for them to take home.  I jumped right in and was pleasantly surprised at how well they turned out!

Begginer Sewing: Coffee Cozy

Begginer Sewing: Coffee Cozy

They were a big hit – and a successful beginner sewing project, but would you believe I hadn't tried to make anything since!?  There have been quite a few life moments between October and now… Christmas, Moreaya's First Birthday, throwing a Baby Shower {and more}, but I've made squeezed in a tiny few extra hours in the day and have dusted off my machine and gotten back into it.

As soon as I saw April {one of my favorite bloggers since I started even reading blogs} post a tutorial on her blog of her new Tag a Long Bag, I knew I wanted to try.  I was going to a craft store one day so I jotted down everything I needed.  A couple of days later, I sat down to begin my first REAL sewing project, that included a zipper – eek.

Turns out, zippers are hard.  I had to rip mine out 3 times before I got it right.  But I finally got it!



It took a bit longer than I'm sure it would a seasoned seamstress, but a few hours for me.  I know that I still definitely need to work on slowing down and making sure my cuts are straight and perfect.  I want to rush through that part and get straight to the project – to make something pretty!

After I finished my Tag a Long Bag, I realized that I definitely needed a pin cushion.  I was using pins like crazy and just piling them up.  They would fall, get pushed under things, so I knew I needed a solution.

I had pinned a cute pin cushion tutorial awhile back so I decided to tackle that next – no sewing required. 

Pin Cushion

I had a ramekin that I hardly used so I stuffed it with batting and hot glued some cute material over it.

I had also seen a cute pin of a pin cushion attached to the sewing machine.  I thought this would cut down on my always searching for that cute pin cushion I just made, so I wrapped some fabric around a stiff piece of cardboard.  Filled it with quilt batting and then hot glued it all to my machine!


Pin Cushion on Machine

It works pretty well and looks cute too!

I have a few other projects going right now and can't wait to share more with you!

I shared some of my favorite Sewing Pins and Ideas with you – I'd love to see some of yours. 
Leave a comment with your favorite Beginner Sewing Tutorials, Pins, or Projects that you want to try or have done yourself!


  1. I’m just about to start my first ever sewing project, wish me luck!

  2. Lindsay says:

    I just got a sewing machine for my birthday and am looking for some super easy projects. Is there a way to get to the tutorial for the coffee cozies? They are super cute!

  3. I want a sewing machine but I think it would be sitting there for a while because I always start things then forget about them. Ugh! Hope you continue with your projects!
    Ashley T recently posted…Switched at Birth: Beyond SilenceMy Profile

  4. You’re doing a wonderful job! I really want to learn to sew too, just kinda scared I’ll completely screw it all up. I just have so many ideas stuck in my head! Maybe I should try…
    manda recently posted…Refilling My Life With Walgreens Mobile Pharmacy #CbiasMy Profile

  5. Now I want a sewing machine! I wish I had more room in my home because I would totally get one to try some of these out.

  6. Seriously! That looks like an awesome sewing machine! And those cozies are adorable! The bag looks super cute too! I am inspired, but my machine is broken…even though I have never used it…:( {it was passed onto me from my husband’s 70 year old parents, so it is pretty old and not at all fancy like yours!}

  7. Oh. My. Gosh.

    When I received April’s email, I ran out and bought fabric to make a tag along bag, too! Now, to carve out the time to sew it!

    Yours came out super cute. And thanks for the great idea about the pin cushion – so smart.

  8. Fabulous beginning projects! I love the coffee cozy, the bag and the pin cushion!

  9. I love that pin cushion attached to the sewing machine! What a great idea! I would love one of those cozies, too!


  10. Wow, great job on the Tag a Long Bag! I’ve only ever used my sewing machine for curtains…usually just hemming :)

  11. Super cute! I’m afraid my sewing machine has been collecting dust the last few months. I need to pull it out soon for some spring projects!

  12. Very nice job!! I had a machine sitting for years, and got it out this Summer. I enjoy it, but it’s a work in progress trying to figure out why it skips stitches, etc. Your cozies turned out great!

  13. That sewing machine pin cushion is really cute. Everything is turning out great for your beginning projects!

  14. I love to sew! I have been quilting a lot lately. I love this cute pin cushion:

  15. You’re doing a great job. I need to try some projects. I have a brand new sewing machine in my closet that I haven’t even taken out of the box. Thanks for giving me some inspiration.

  16. Great first projects! Bravo!

  17. I would love to learn how to sew! Hopefully one day I will! I have so many projects in mind!

  18. I love these projects! So cute and look easy enough. I love that your added the buttons, so cute! I have had my sewing machine in storage for a month now and can’t wait to get it back!

  19. I am itching to get a sewing machine and try my hand at it too. Great job mama!

    I have made that no sew push pin cushion though and it is on a jar I store all my threads. :)

  20. Super cute! Yay for sewing! Love the pouches.

  21. Amy Menzies says:

    Here are my pins
    I would love to make the coffee cozy’s. Did I miss the tutorial link?

  22. Kristina Best

    I love your Coffee Cozy’s. I want one.

  23. Stephanie M. says:

    Love your coffee cozies! My daughter wants to see something and this is perfect. How many inches in did you place the button?

  24. Great Job! I have a sewing machine that was given to me somewhere in storage and I am dying to pull it out and start! You have motivated me because I have little experience and your projects look awesome!

  25. Those cozies are super cute and your tag-along bag looks great! I agree, zippers are hard but get easier once you get the feel for them.
    Here are a few of my favorite tutorials:
    The Bapron – I make these for easy baby gifts with a coordinating burp cloth (I use a prepped, new prefold for that):
    And the crayon roll tutorial from The Pleated Poppy:

    Can’t wait to see more of your projects :)

  26. ahhh! your bag turned out super cute ;)

    i totally love that pin cushion on the sewing machine. i may have to hot glue one on myself! && i need a coffee cozy so email me your price girly!


  27. Love that Tag A Long Bag. I recently pinned it and am hoping to try it out soon! Good job!

  28. I can’t wait for you to share more of your projects! I am hoping to get a sewing machine soon and I have so many projects and ideas…hopefully I can obtain the skill of making adorable kids clothing or something for a little extra cash.

    LOVE the prints that you chose for that Tag A Long Bag! :-)


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