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Christmas Gift Ideas & Stocking Stuffers for Babies

Stocking Stuffers for Babies

I can't quite believe that my baby will be 11 months old in just 3 days.  In a little over a month, she'll be a year old!!  2012 absolutely flew by for our family!

With the Christmas Season fast approaching {and Moreaya's birthday right after}, my mind has been buzzing with gift ideas.  Sophia is easy to please and has been requesting certain things so shopping for her has been a piece of cake.  She loves little toys – play doh, stickers, card games – so even stocking stuffers have been easy to find for her.

But what about Moreaya?  A 1 year old, although you might not think so initially, is so hard to buy for – especially when she's a younger sibling.  She already has so many toy hand-me-downs from Sophia that it's hard to justify too many purchases when I know she already likes what she has!  So – I've taken to reading reviews and hope to find a few things that will be good for her.

Stocking Stuffers for Babies

For stocking stuffer ideas, I've simply thought of the things that she already loves and will fill her stocking with those!  Here's a great list I've compiled of some things that Miss Moreaya will find in her stocking on Christmas morning.

  1. Earth's Best Organic Fruit Smoothie Pouches – Moreaya is obsessed with pouches right now.  She knows how to suck them out and she can down one in a matter of minutes if you don't slow her down.  These are perfect for her stocking because they fit nicely, are full of organic fruits and yummy vitamins she needs!  I'll probably end up sneaking a few of these in the Toddler Stocking too!
  2. Teethers – Since Moreaya is in the process of cutting her two top teeth, I found the teethers that you can put into the freezer to help relieve her itchy gums while still being fun to chew on!
  3. Rattle Toys – There are a ton of smaller toys available.  Moreaya loves playing with our iPhones and the remotes {don't all babies?}, so I'm thinking of getting her the toy replicas and putting them in her stocking!
  4. Earth's Best Organic Toothpaste – It's never too early to start those great, hygiene habits and the toothpaste from Earth's Best will fit perfectly!
  5. Bath Toys – Moreaya loves playing in the bath and the cute little bath squirters and themed rubber duckies are a perfect stocking stuffer!
  6. Books – A child can never, ever have too many books.  Small board books that contain textures are a huge hit with babies around 1 year and I will definitely be picking up a few to go in her stocking this year!

Do you have any great ideas for Stocking Stuffers for Babies this age?

I am an Earth's Best blogger.  No compensation for this post has been given, but I may be eligible for additional rewards in the future.


  1. My little guy got a book, some Happy Baby Puffs, a new sippy cup, a pack of new pacifiers, and some tactile balls in his first stocking. He was 11 months old.

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