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Get Your Toddler Eating Fruits & Veggies

Do you have a picky toddler?  Sophia sure has become one!  As a baby, she ate everything – broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower – everything.  But now, we can barely get her to eat broccoli, green beans, peas, and carrots.  She’s never really had a problem with fruit.  Other than the occasional fruit – watermelon, cantaloupe, and grapefruit, she’ll eat just about any!

But, if you’re child isn’t a fan of fresh fruit, you do have options!  Earth’s Best gives parents fruits and veggies packing in travel-friendly pouches and jars to help kids get all the nutrients and vitamins they need.

As much as children shy away from them, fruits and veggies are a very important tool in the growth process. If parents cultivate the habit of feeding their children fruits and vegetables on a regular basis at a young age, they have a higher chance of instilling a habit that children will keep up when they are older!

Although eating fruits and vegetables regularly is a great habit, there are also many health benefits. Eating fruits and vegetables regularly can help reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and certain cancers; it can also reduce the chance of obesity in children. Many parents may have a hard time getting their children to like fruits and vegetables so living by example is a great way to get them interested. According to an article from the Earth’s Best website, “Getting Your Child to Pick Fruits & Vegetables”:  “Be a good model by eating your fruits and vegetables. Parents who eat more fruits and vegetables often have kids who a) are less picky and b) consume more fruits and vegetables. Research shows that parents who eat more fruits and veggies are less likely to pressure their kids to eat them, which is key.”

The hubby and I have discussed the Toddler Eating phenomenon quite regularly.  We wonder just what happens to them when they reach this mysterious stage – is it color?  Is it the fact that once they’ve had sugar-y foods or junk foods, they simply prefer them and think they can hold out {this doesn’t work in our house}?  Could it be remedied by offering the same foods, that they snub their nose at, every day to finally get them to try it?  I wish I had the answers – and if you do, please share them with me!

If you’re struggling to get your children interested in wholes fruits, Earth’s Best has an Organic Apple Sauce that can be a good alternative for an actual apple or piece of fruit. Earth’s Best Organic Apple Sauce is made with 100% organic apples to keep little bodies and minds growing strong. The Organic Apple Sauce by Earth’s Best is perfectly sized in on-the-go cups so they can serve as snacks at any time of the day. With no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, Earth’s Best Organic Apple Sauce is available in original and cinnamon.


Sophia is a huge fan of Earth’s Best Apple Sauce and so am I!  I love the individual cups as they are super travel-friendly and can be thrown right into the diaper bag.  No worries because they don’t have to be refrigerated either!  We also love them because we re-use the cups when we’re finished.  In addition to making fabulous paint holders, they make great water drinking cups when Sophia needs to quench a small thirst – and even for our dog!  They’re a great snack holder too!


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