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5 Ways to Re-Use Disposable Snack Containers

Reuse Snack Containers

When we empty a snack container, like the Earth’s Best Pop Snax pictured above, I always think “What can we do with this instead of throwing it away?”  Other than the easy, recycle, answer – I’ve come up with 5 clever uses for Sophia to re-use the disposable snack containers!

  1. Pipe Cleaner Sorter – This has been a great addition to our Manipulatives and gives her great practice at fine motor skills, color sorting, and hand-eye coordination.  It’s super easy to do too!  I simply punched a few holes in the lid and we had leftover colored stickers from a yard sale, so I poked a few holes there too.  This turned the fine motor skills activity into a learning one as well.
    Sorting Collage
  2. Kitchen/Dramatic Play.  When I used to work in a childcare setting, we would always clean the containers and put them in the Dramatic Play area.  You might be surprised to find out they are way more popular with kids, a lot of times, than expensive toys are!
  3. Bowling!  Empty enough and set them up as pins for an inside gross motor activity!
  4. Tracing shapes.  Need to make a quick circle?  Use the lid or the bottom of the cans.
  5. Marble Painting.  This is another activity we used to do at preschool.  You simply put a few drops of paint in the bottom of the can.  Roll up a piece of paper and put it in the can {it will unroll once you put it inside}.  Put in a couple of marbles, replace the lid and let your child shake, shake, shake!  It’s a pretty neat art activity!

What other ways can you re-usable disposable snack containers?

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  1. These are all great and I think the marble one would be so fun for my Evie! :)
    Sarah recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: Baby VolMy Profile


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