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We are *still* technically Potty Training!

Yep.  I would definitely use the terms “Potty Training” rather than “Potty Trained” to describe Sophia.  Even though she’s successfully being using the potty for over 6 months now, we’ve not got it totally down pat to where she won’t have an accident randomly.  Sometimes it will be a week between an accident and other times she will have 2 in one day!

When we’re home she does wonderful.  She wears big girl panties around the house and cloth trainers for nap time and we’re still in cloth diapers at night.  But as soon as she gets in the car, it’s like her bladder just can’t take it!  So, when we know we’re going to be gone for awhile, we usually grab a Pull-Up.  It seems to set her back a bit every time, though, because she knows she can have an accident in them and it won’t show outwardly.  So, we try to let her wear her regular panties as much as possible.

Luckily, we found the Summer Infant Deluxe Piddle Pad.  This thing is a complete lifesaver when it comes to children and car seats – especially kids who are potty training or have been for awhile!

We recently moved Moreaya up to the Diono Radian RXT, so Sophia has the Pink Butterfly Graco seat again.  One thing about this seat is it is much easier to take a part to wash.  I love our Diono – but it was a pain to take the cover off every few days because someone kept having accidents.  But the Deluxe Piddle Pad has totally eliminated the need for me to wash this car seat!

The PiddlePad is made with soft, absorbent velboa fabric that is comfortable and absorbent.  A waterproof outer layer prevents leaks and keeps car seats and strollers dry and clean. A unique bucket shape contains the mess and holds more than 1 cup of fluid! The safe, contoured design fits easily and discreetly inside the child’s seat and works with all harness systems.

It works!  It totally amazed me the first time that Sophia had an accident in the seat and the car seat underneath the Pad was totally dry.  It’s thanks to the super soft, absorbent fabric on top and the waterproof layer on the bottom.  Granted, I’ve never let it sit and collect more than 1 accident!

I was sent a few of these Deluxe Piddle Pads so they are now in both girls car seats – they prevent any wetness from getting to the seat, doesn’t matter if your child is potty training or not sometimes we have leaks!  I’ve also put them in our double jogger so I can feel ok about letting Sophia go without a trainer when we’re going for a run.

Now that I’ve tried it – this is definitely one of my must-have baby/child products!  I love that I have a couple extra so I can switch them in and out if one needs to be washed!

What do you / did you do about your child when they’re potty training and riding in the car?  Do you notice that potty breaks come more often!?

Buy It:  You can purchase the Summer Infant Deluxe Piddle Pad from a variety of retailers.  They are priced at an average $9.99.


  1. Thank you for sharing :)

  2. All mine are already potty trained, but this might even come in handy for spilled drinks too! Also, to answer your question about what we did when we were out… we always had a portable potty in the car!
    Nicole recently posted…Santa Claus and Tooth Fairies and Fairy Hobmothers, Oh My!My Profile

  3. Well this would have been extremely helpful while we were working with Addie. She did so well but we live in the country and have a 20+ minute drive to town. Even though we would always go before we left, sometimes she just couldn’t wait and would have an accident. I washed her car seat cover several times for accidents and this would have helped! Great to know about.
    The Frugal Greenish Mama recently posted…$1/1 Any Organic Seeds of Change Product Printable CouponMy Profile

  4. Definitely need to tell my cousin about these. She is getting ready to start potty training but she was just telling me how worried she is because she is in and out of the car so much with the baby.

  5. That’s a great idea as she doesn’t have to regress to diapers. Accidents will happen for years to come :)
    Ghada recently posted…Visit The High Line in Manhattan’s West Side with KidsMy Profile

  6. We travel by car to visit family often, so these would be perfect for long car rides. Thanks for sharing!
    Catherine L. recently posted…Immortal Voyage Tour and GiveawayMy Profile

  7. I love that there are things like this! My daughter is “potty Trained” now during the day :) but I think about long car rides or when she falls asleep in the car…a piddle pad would be nice to have!
    Brittney Minor recently posted…Willow Pads Natural Feminine Care {Review/Sponsor Spotlight} #USAMadeMy Profile

  8. Oh wow, this sounds wonderful! My son wears his “big boy” underwear all day at home but does need a diaper when sleeping and when we go out. I need to check this out :)

  9. That is nice. My 4 year old has an accident still maybe once every month or two. It is always when she is playing and holds it for way too long. Kids! Gotta love ‘em! :)

    Enjoy your holiday week. And thanks for sharing about this company with us all.
    LaVonne recently posted…Furniture RedoMy Profile

  10. We could so use these for our 3 y/o… Thanks for sharing!
    Danielle Meek recently posted…Road Rippers by Toy State ReviewMy Profile


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