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Potty Training Continued – Out and About

I recently shared that we are still technically Potty Training.  We have days where no accidents occur and then something switches and I feel like we’ve taken 2 steps back in the process.  But, knock on wood {for the hundredth time}, this past weekend Sophia has done great!

She’s been consistently potty trained at home for months, but when we got out in public it’s a totally different experience.  As I said before, as soon as we get in the car she needs to go and you can bet that any store or restaurant we visit – we’ll see their bathroom!  Some aren’t so bad and I don’t mind, some we could definitely do without.  Potty Training in public as easy as changing a diaper on a changing station, like those from  It’s more about trying to keep a toddler from touching every.single.thing in the stall!

We’ve about got it down pretty good.  Sophia will say “Don’t touch anything” as soon as we walk in a public bathroom.  {She’s heard it quite a bit!}  We’ve also started to try to control her liquid consumption when we’re away from home.  Obviously we aren’t withholding drinks from her, but we’ve limited her to only water when we’re in the car, which has cut down her intake dramatically.  Now instead of drinking juice because it’s yummy, she drinks water because she’s thirsty.

We’ve also pulled the Sticker Chart back out.  She gets one when she successfully uses the potty and loses one off her chart if she has an accident.  We’re using it more of a realization tool, a consequence, rather than a punishment.  She doesn’t get upset when she takes a sticker off, but realizes that it will take her longer to fill the chart up and get to pick from the Treasure Box.

Sophia is getting into a better routine of using the potty and we are too.  She’s excited again, which is what matters and we’re praising her for her progress!


  1. Looks like she’ll soon be there. :) My daughter recently potty-trained, and I just hate going into the public restrooms. She says “don’t touch anything” as soon as we go into one too lol!
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