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it’s So Easy… to make homemade Baby Food!

When Sophia was ready to start eating solids, I was a bit overwhelmed from all the information about making my own baby food.  The websites that I was recommended seemed old and outdated, not very well organized, and just like I said, overwhelming.  I was busy being a first time Mom and didn’t have the time to research the topic as I should have.  So, I reached for jarred baby food.  NOT that there’s anything at all wrong with jarred – that’s all we used with Sophia.  Because… when I finally did try to make homemade baby food for her, she turned her nose up at it.  Fresh pureed carrots from our garden tasted a lot different than jarred carrots.

This time around, I was determined to start Moreaya on homemade baby food, rather than try to convince her later that it was better.  I used our food processor and ice cube trays and it was totally doable – you don’t need any kind of fancy equipment.  But, then I saw the Fresh Baby So Easy Baby Food Kit and I thought, “Ohh!  That would be even easier!”

The kit comes with:  a Gorgeous Cookbook, full of 118 pages of fresh recipes for your child, organized by age; 2 Freezer Storage Trays w/ Lids {that are Dishwasher Safe}; How-To DVD, and 2 Nutrition Tips Cards {perfect for hanging on the fridge}.

Other than the Trays themselves, the Cookbook is my favorite in this pack.  It’s so easy to understand, organized by age {recommending certain foods at certain ages}, gives tips on how to make/store the baby food, and even has a section for you to write when your baby tries certain foods for the first time!

Fresh Baby says to you only have to devote 30 min a week to making your child’s fresh baby food.  I totally agree – but since Moreaya is still so young {6 months today!} – she’s only been eating 1 cube a day.  We’re starting to increase that, so I’m sure I’ll be making more food because right now we still have plenty from about a month ago!

We purchased some fresh peaches at the market yesterday, so I wanted to test out my Fresh Baby Storage Trays – and the recipes!

This is all I needed!  Peaches, a knife to cut, peel, and remove the seed, my Fresh Baby Storage Tray, Food Processor, Microwave-Safe Bowl, and Plastic Wrap.

The cookbook told me to microwave the peaches for 3-5 min, then let them stand for 5 min.  They’re done when a fork can poke in them easily!

After they were cooked, I put them in my food processor.  I didn’t have to add any additional water because they were full of yummy juice!  My kitchen smelled like I was baking a lovely Peach Cobbler!

So, I was a little sad that 2 peaches only yielded 4 cubes of fresh baby food – but that’s why the cookbook calls for you to use plenty more.  I didn’t want to use all that we had bought though!  I decided not to put anything else in the peaches, since she’s never had them before, but that’s another nice feature of the cookbook because it tells you different things that would taste great in foods that you’re preparing!

I was so excited to find this next recipe… we have a ton of yellow squash and zucchini getting ready to be picked!

Like I said before, making your own baby food really is easy and you don’t need any special gadgets.  My ice cube trays with plastic wrap and aluminum foil were doing fine.  BUT having the trays with lids that are thicker and sturdier has made a big difference in the quality of my food cubes, I think.  The cookbook itself is a necessary edition in my baby food making process because all of the information is at my fingertips – while I’m preparing the food!

To make these peaches, I could have done it within 10 minutes – easy!

Buy It:  The Fresh Baby So Easy Baby Food Kit normally retails for $37.95, but if you use this link {or any other in this review} to purchase it or any other products from the Fresh Baby website, you’ll save 20% off your order!  This savings code is exclusive for SEBG readers only!  If you have any problems with the 20% not coming off automatically, give me an email at and I’ll help you figure it out!

But hurry, this awesome deal will run out on July 15th!


  1. Clarissa says:

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  2. Marcia Lee

    I’m glad that I read your review today. My grandson is only 2 weeks old, but summer is only less than two weeks away and that will be the time to get fresh fruits and vegetables at the farmers market. It will be nice to process and freeze the cubes weekly. Once they’re frozen, they can be put in labeled freezer bags and ready for my grandson when he is able to eat solids.


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