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Mama Cloth {a Series}: Part 3 – Cloth Menstrual Pads from It’s a Girl Thing Period!

This is the third post in my Mama Cloth series.  You can find out why I’m blogging about them here or read the 1st part and 2nd part.

**Remember, these posts are all about menstruation and being comfortable with the topic and your body – if you’re not interested, please skip this post!

Mama Cloth a Series

Before we tackle a review of this particular brand, I did want to address a comment that I received on my last post about this topic:

Becky Fluff says:  I use mama cloth and I LOVE IT!! But, I have heard that it is best to NOT wash in hot water because, unlike with cloth diapers where iron is not an issue, there is an issue with the reaction of iron with hot water… I can’t remember the exact details, but I know that I have read somewhere to wash in warm/cold water.

I hadn’t read anything about this so I tried to do a little digging.  I’ll admit, research is absolutely my least favorite thing to do so I didn’t dig too hard!

I didn’t find anything about using Hot Water to wash Mama Cloth as dangerous, as far as a bad reaction with Iron and Hot Water, but I did find plenty of suggestions that for staining issues, you should do a cold rinse first!  This is because we’re talking about blood on cloth rather than in the case of cloth diapers.  This may be why I’ve experienced more staining because I just assumed I should use Warm/Hot!  So, we all learned something!

When I decided to participate in this challenge, I was sent quite a variety of Mama Cloth from It’s a Girl Thing Period! – a division of My Posh Pads.  In my package, I had 1 Heavy/Overnight Pad {14 in.}, 2 Medium/Heavy Pads {10 in.},  2 Medium/Heavy Pads {8 in.}, 1 Light/Medium {8 in.}, and 2 Mini Pads/Panty Liners.

That’s a lot of Mama Cloth!  I love that they have a great system in helping you choose which pad you’ll need at what times.

The cloth to be used on heavier days is marked with two red hearts by the snaps and the lighter pads aren’t – that’s a panty liner to the right.  It really is helpful!

I’ve had a few things to learn when I started using Mama Cloth.  They are much more comfortable than disposable pads, but I do find it a little tricky to go from using tampons to cloth pads.  Simply because it’s a totally different ballgame.  Usually a woman uses one or the other and prefers one over the other, and the cloth pads can be a bit hard to get used to because they are a bit bulky.

The Mama Cloth from It’s a Girl Thing Period has held up very well after 2 full cycles.  I’m a bit OCD when it comes to anything – cloth diapers, Mama Cloth – and I find it frustrating that the pads bunch up and don’t lay flat.  I wish I could make them smoother and flatter.

I’ve also had a few problems with a couple of snaps, even some un-snapping while I’m wearing them and moving around way too much.  This can become a big problem, so it’s important to check your snaps and maybe even replace them if you’re having problems!

It’s a Girl Thing Period by Posh Pads is a company with great customer service and I feel like their products are well worth the price.  The pads are made up of flannel and a bamboo core and have been very absorbent!  I also love all of the fun fabrics that they carry!  Mama Cloth does not have to be drab and boring!

In my next post in the Mama Cloth Series, we’ll be discussing the health concerns of disposable products, as well as, the whole idea behind the Cloth Challenge and who we most want to impact!  As always, if you have any comments or questions – leave a blog post comment and I’ll get to answering or sharing it!


  1. I’m so glad you are reviewing this! Here’s a question for you: Before you put them in the wash, do you need to do anything with them? Like diapers, you need to swish in toilet, or whatever. Or is it like breast fed poo, where everything is water soluble? I know this is a weird question.. and maybe tmi? But most periods, esp at the beginning… have more in them than just blood, and I was wondering if this was a washing concern? Sorry that I didn’t get the question in during part 2, but better late than never! Maybe it fits in well with the health concerns, anyways. Do you ever have to worry about contaminating or staining whatever else you wash the pads with?
    Karin recently posted…Showered with LoveMy Profile

  2. Justice Montgomery says:

    I love hearing your honest review on this! I got a bunch of mama cloth made, now I just need to put snaps on them. I’ll probably buy a few to try out too once I get some money because I have seen a LOT that I like! I just recently tried out a Diva Cup and a Moon Cup, and I gotta say, I LOVE them. I really like that I’m not having to choose between the messiness of a pad, or the potentially toxicness of a tampon. Can’t wait to see your health concerns blog!

    I’ve noticed that some people have their pads lined with fleece on the back, to prevent the shifting, these must not have that. That is one of my biggest concerns….I am so scared of leaks because of shifting! Like Junior High School Girl scared of leaks. LOL

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