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Potty Training Continued

Although Sophia is technically day potty trained, I still say that we are in the stages of Potty Training.  Why?  Because she’s still very young – turning 2 in just 6 days!!!  She still has some accidents, although they are usually just small because she tries to “hold it” and wait until the last possible minute to make a dash for the bathroom.  I also use disposable pull-ups on her when we go on longer day trips – when we’re going to be in the car for over an hour.  She is still not night trained or nap trained, but I’m not pushing it because she isn’t ready at all.

We tried a variety of cloth training pants and although they worked great for around the house, for small accidents – they do not work for us outside of the house.  So we’ve been using disposable trainers.  I was really excited when I saw a pack of their TOTS Potty Training Pants in my 3rd Earth’s Best Blogger package!  These haven’t been available at my local Walmart so I had been using another brand that’s not so green.

I’m proud to say they’ve worked great.  We haven’t had any leaks – but then again, they’ve only been used in the car and when we’re out for day trips so Sophia doesn’t ever pee a ton in them.  They have a fun alligator design on the front that she likes and they’re trim and easy for her to pull up and down by herself.  The only drawback to them {and other disposable options} is the sides don’t velcro.  If you’re in public and have to change them, you have to take off their pants and shoes to put a new Training Pant on.

The most important thing to remember is to be sure that your child is physically and emotionally ready for potty training and to leave enough time to make the transition.  For a variety of articles, tips, and advice from other parents going through the potty training adventure, visit Earth’s Best Potty Training Tips and BabyCenter’s Potty Training Basics.
Once you begin, Earth’s Best provides a variety of products to make the process run smoothly in an environmentally friendly way. Try using our Earth’s Best TOTS-Chlorine Free- Flushable Wipes to inspire confidence in your children.

I love having a pack of the TOTS Chlorine Free Flushable Wipes on the back of Sophia’s potty when potty trips are a bit messier.  The pack is also small and soft which makes it fit nicely in the diaper bag.  The wipes are a small size and would be great for Sophia to use herself – they’re just a bit hard to pull out of the pack sometimes, so I have to help her.


  1. OMG my potty training is going horribly! my 4 year refuses to poopy in the potty and my 3 year refuses to use the potty at all. my 2 year old however shows interest more than his brothers lol

  2. Jenny Lloyd says:

    We are in the middle but the end is in sight. (I hope.) My 3 and 2 year old do great while at home during the day but we are still working on nights and when we are out of the house.

  3. Richelle says:

    We’ve been working on it for about a year with 3 1/2 yr old. Completely day trained. Night went well for about two weeks and then BAM wet every almost night again. Grr. I’ve been waking them in the middle of the night because I feel like putting a diaper back on them would cancel out what we’ve worked on so far. Ya know? Dad doesn’t agree, but then doesn’t work on any of this with them. Boo! My littlest one isn’t even dreaming of potty training yet.

  4. Nikole H. says:

    We had a good start… then a dry-spell (not the good kind)… and now we are back at it again! Right now, we’re sitting on the potty frequently, but not doing much in it :/

  5. Miranda W says:

    The 2 year old is day and nap trained but not overnight yet and we have a 1 year old who is comming up on training fast

  6. Lisa Nuckols says:

    My 2 year old is day trained, but we are still working on naps and nights. My 3 year old is done, but he still has occasional accidents when he is distracted or first wakes up.

  7. My just turned 2 year old is day and nap trained, but still needs help getting up on the potty and making sure his pants and undies are out of the way. He wears a cloth diaper at night although he only wets every third day or so. We do occasionaly wear training pants when out and about just in case!
    Kimberlie T recently posted…Are red marks left by cloth diapers normal?My Profile

  8. Trisha W. says:

    We are hoping to start potty training this summer.

  9. I’m just getting a head start on the potty training thing.

  10. Hannah Avery says:

    Its going kinda slow. He doesn’t usually pee during naps. But otherwise, we are not really there at all, we have made some progress though, he likes to sit on his potty, and lately he has been trying to pee when I tell him to on his potty, but that is not always.


  11. Carmen Van Deursen

    My son is pottytrained during the day but still needs to be at night.

  12. Christine L.... says:

    We are just getting started

  13. Brittany C says:

    I have a few months until I officially have to start the Potty Process! Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. Jenny W says:

    Haven’t started yet but probably will within the next month!

  15. Need to get on board with Potty Training with my three year girl. She is starting to show a few signs. Winning this prize would be the first step in reaching our goal. Thank you.

  16. Things were going great until I had a new baby. My 4 day hospital stay (c-section) didn’t help things at all. My little one didn’t want to use the potty at my sister’s house and now she rarely goes anymore. I’m thankful for the progress we made before my baby was born since I’m hoping that she’ll pick it back up easily when we start encouraging her again.
    Rebekah from Simply Rebekah recently posted…6 Freezer Friendly RecipesMy Profile

  17. We’re doing great for the day time! Hooray! Night time & rest time…ehh, still need training pants.
    Emily recently posted…judging other parents – the mommy mindsetMy Profile

  18. We aren’t there yet.. but trying to be prepared!

  19. Christina C says:

    My 21 month old is flirting with potty training. He likes to sit on the potty, but still pees on the floor and tells me afterwards. I think we have a way to go, but I’m trying to get a head start.

  20. Beth Warren

    Ro is potty trained at school, during day time and naps. At home, he frequently has accidents.

  21. Becky Fluff says:

    My son is starting to show interest in the potty, but I think we have a couple of months before he is actually serious about it :-)

  22. Amanda Alvarado says:

    We are finally completely done – no diapers at all! Now to work on getting dd to wipe her own bum before she starts preschool in the fall! LOL Oh how she would hate me for sharing that if she was older! ;-)

  23. Potty training is harder than I thought! We are right in the middle of it.

  24. Carrie Phelps says:

    I babysit for a to year old girl that took me one week to fully potty train. On the other hand my grandson is three & still peeing his pants! Each child is so different.

  25. Olivia L says:

    We’re just starting to introduce the potty to our little girl.

  26. Amanda N. says:

    Oh boy…potty training…my son’s only 2, so he’s got some time, still. He’d been VERY interested in the potty and we’d encouraged him with potty learning for a little while right before his second birthday, but for some reason, he’s completely regressed. He refuses to use the potty or even talk about the potty and he tries to hide the fact that his diaper is soiled so the we won’t change him. I’m pregnant with my second right now, so I’d sort of prefer he just wait until after the baby comes so that we don’t have to deal with regression then or be deep into potty training while I’m trying to recover. :-)

  27. Colleen Maurina says:

    We have just started potty training our little guy but have already had a few successes. We are counting on summer time – wearing less clothes and being outside with the potty chair to get the job done!

  28. Melissa says:

    We are working very hard but I’m letting it happen when I know she is ready. We also use Seventh Generation training pants and wipes and they work well even for a heavy load :)

  29. Tamara Sz says:

    We have one trained–except for nights. The other may be getting ready soon! Oh, they grow up so fast!

  30. The best way to train our 3 yo was to wait until he was ready. We started a month after his 3rd birthday and he was going by himself (without reminders) after 2 days and was nighttime trained within a month. It was awesome waiting!!

  31. Felicia R says:

    We’re slowly starting to introduce the potty but not pushing it. My LO is 17 months so there’s no rush.

  32. ugghhh…not doing too well :(
    stephanie kandray recently posted…DAWGS Footwear Review and GiveawayMy Profile

  33. anne perry says:

    We have not started yet. Still researching potty chairs & training pants.

  34. Rebecca M. says:

    My son is just starting to be a bit interested in the potty chair, so this would be awesome! Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. Breezy Moyer

    My 4 yo is totally daytime but I have to get him up at night to go…and my 13 mo is not ready yet :-)

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