Earth Day Event Giveaways – 2 Prize Packages for “Mama Earth” & “Baby Earth”

Thank You for taking a part in the Earth Day Event and supporting eco-conscious living. This event is sponsored by Eco-Foil and co-hosted by Way 2 Good Life and She Promotes.

There are so many companies out there that help the environment – why not get to know more about them? Learn about great businesses, their products, and win some giveaways. Over 60 bloggers have prizes valued at $25+. Make sure to visit every blog for more chances to win. Eco-Foil is providing a Kindle Fire ($199 value) as a Grand Prize. In order to win it – you need to enter some giveaways (the more you enter – the more entries you earn)!

Enter to WIN the Grand Prize of the Event – KINDLE FIRE – Wi-Fi, Full Color 7″ Multi-Touch Display

Welcome everyone!  We’re celebrating Earth Day at So Easy Being Green by giving you the chance to win 2 fabulous green Prize Packages!!!
Both packages are open to US residents only!

Read my Reviews of Everyday Minerals and the EcoFoil to learn more about each of these fabulous prizes!

Read my Reviews of the GroVia Curious About Cloth Kit and my Sponsor Spotlights on Ava Anderson Non Toxic by Ashlee Forscher and the Zephyr Hill Blog to learn more about each of these fabulous prizes!

  1. The mineral make up! I just found out I am allergic to basically all of my make up and need to start over buying it all. This would be an amazing start since I have to change to mineral!

  2. The baby products interest me. My daughter had planned on going with cloth diapers and even got a starter kit. However, her job went crazy and she has been working 60+ hour weeks with little time for much of anything, especially laundry. She has been using “green” disposable diapers. She has discovered that a new baby you are nursing, a promotion, plus still covering your old job is more than a little overwhelming. This system seems a bit less overwhelming than the one she has.
    The favorite product for me is the Everyday Mineral makeup. I don’t use much and have been looking for something other than the brands I have been using.

  3. In the Baby Earth package the Ava Anderson Non Toxic by Ashlee Forscher baby products are my favourite.

  4. Definitely the GroVia starter kit! I’m just starting to use cloth and that would be perfect! The hemp inserts would be awesome to.

  5. I would love the GroVia kit! I am getting my first ones in the mail today to try on both my boys and am so excited!!!

  6. I am really interested in the Grovia diapers. I love the idea of one-size diaper covers, you can reuse them and they grow with your little one. Not only good for the earth, but also your wallet!!

  7. The Grovia products. My daughter has sensitive skin and diapers are not working for her. but cloth diapers are so pricey.

  8. I love the GroVia cloth kit! I haven’t used the bio-soakers yet, but I’ve been thinking about the convenience of using them for “on the go”.

  9. Bummer, bear not included 🙂

    I’d like the Ava Anderson set in #2… sounds great for my new baby coming soon 🙂

  10. I’m already a big fan of everyday minerals. Great stuff! Will be buying more as soon as my current makeup runs out!

  11. I would love the Grovia pack, but it’s been forever since I got any new makeup, so I think the Everyday Minerals makeup would be awesome to try (and it’s something I would never buy for myself!! 🙂

  12. Definitely most excited about the Grovia diapers because I’m trying to build my stash as I look forward to our new baby in July. Thanks.

  13. I would love to give away the grovia to someone who wants to try it and I am looking for some new shampoo/ body wash for my family so that would be my favorite

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