Cloth Wipes by Two Sweet Potatoes

Do you use cloth wipes?  If you do, or want to start, I’ve got a lovely post for you today!

Before Sophia was born, I made my own cloth wipes out of terry washcloths and old t-shirts.  Those are in the closet as cleaning rags now {where they should stay… my sewing is embarrassing}, but my current cloth wipe collection is mostly comprised of wipes made of hemp, cotton, and flannel.  When Nikki from Two Sweet Potatoes contacted me about doing a review of her Organic Bamboo Velour wipes, I was interested, but a bit hesitant. I’ve felt OBV before and sure, it’s soft, but how good could it really be for wipes?  I was worried that they would be too soft and just move everything around.

Two Sweet Potatoes Cloth Wipes

When I pulled these wipes out of the mailbox, I was in love.  They were already so soft, very well sewn, and packaged together so lovely.  I immediately emailed Nikki and told her that I may steal them for my own make-up removing cloths!

I did prep the wipes.  I don’t think you need to prep OBV, but I did anyways, just to be sure {did 3-4 washes with other laundry}.  If you have used cloth wipes, you’ll understand why I did.  My flannel, cotton, and hemp wipes had to be washed at least 10 times before they would absorb the water when I squirted them.  It’s super annoying, as the wipe solution goes everywhere except onto the wipe.  These wipes never did that.

Cloth Wipes

Can I make an un-green confession?  I do not use cloth wipes all the time.  When Sophia poos, I use disposable wipes for two reasons.  {1} It’s super hard for me to spray the wipes off.  When they get the poo on them, I don’t want to leave it in the pail, so I spray them and get everything, including me, soaked. {2} I’m quite obsessive about getting Soph clean, so I use a few too many wipes, I’m sure.  I would use half of my cloth wipes on one clean up.  But, I always use a cloth wipe after the sposies so I know she’s super clean.

Since I knew I had to review every aspect of these wipes, I did it.  I used them on a poo clean-up and surprisingly, it only took two wipes.  I didn’t worry about irritating Sophia’s skin because they were so soft!  Although, we did have the issue with spraying {leave me a comment letting me know how you get your wipes clean.}

Two Sweet Potatoes’ OBV wipes are the perfect size.  The shop boasts “Just say no to folding!”.  They fit perfectly in a disposable box, as you can see!

I store my wipes dry and use a squirt bottle of water to wet them as I need them.  I’m currently looking for a good wipes solution {email me if you have a wonderful recipe, or recommend your favorite to me!}

Why I Love Two Sweet Potatoes’ OBV Wipes:  Absolutely, by far they are the softest wipes ever.  They’re organic and Nikki hand finishes them, no chemical fray block on these beauties!  The colors, oh the colors!

Buy Them:  You can buy an 8 pack of OBV Wipes (in your choice of 6 different colors) for $12.00.  There are also cute Bibs, Burp Cloths, and Infant/Toddler clothes for sale at the Etsy Shop.  All items are Organic!


  1. kellysteffen says

    As to you question about cleaning poo off of wipes, here is what I do. I'm relatively new to using cloth wipes and I don't even have a sprayer so I'm sure there are easier ways to do it. I have a small plastic spoon (I read somewhere else that someone uses a spork) that I keep in the bathroom. With dirty wipes, I always plan to keep one corner clean and I'll hold that corner while I clean off the wipe with the spoon. It's been working for us so far!

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