Climbing. For real?

I was drawing a blank on what to write about today.  I’ll admit that all of my creative energy is going into the upcoming Rock ‘N Rollin’ Teeny Boppin’ 1st Birthday Bash {totally love saying that, can you tell!?}

So, while I was picking up the {continual} mess around the house yesterday, Sophia gave me inspiration.  Inspiration to turn to my blog and say to all of you, “What am I going to do with this girl!?!?”

Climbing Collage

Did we really go from walking to climbing in 1 week?  What do I do?All of these actions happened within 10 minutes.  First, she found her walker {that she never, ever used} without the seat in it, as I was washing it, and proceeded to climb on top of it, while my back was turned, not 3 feet away from her!  I got her down {after I rushed for my iPhone to capture this moment because I knew Rob wouldn’t believe me!}  Then, she climbed into the laundry basket.  Then she dumped the laundry basket full of clean fluff.  I turned the basket over so she could stand up, holding on to it.  Did she do that?  No.  She climbed on top of the laundry basket!

Rob says we need to teach her how to get down from things safely.  I say we need to teach her not to climb in the first place.  Where do you all stand on this issue?  I need advice!

Doable Diapers: Rumparooz Review

If you’ve been reading my blog, or follow via Facebook/Twitter, for awhile now, you have probably seen me link to the Doable Diapers blog or Re-Tweet info from them.  Andrea is the Mom behind the blog and the Doable Diapers shop and she’s an invaluable source for all things cloth diapering related!

Doable Diapers recently sponsored Sophia and I with a diaper to use at the Great Cloth Diaper Change Event that was held this past weekend.  You can see my post about the event, here.  Andrea sent us a Rumparooz in the most lovely print, Lux.  I asked for a Snaps closure, as I already own a Spring Rumparooz in Aplix {purchased from}.


When the diaper came in the mail, I do what I always do {and I know you are the same}… I tore open the package and put the fluff right into my diaper laundry to prep it.  The Rumparooz cloth diapers and inserts are made up of microfiber and fleece so there’s no “extra prepping” needed… just the initial wash.

Rumparooz Model

This print is… unique.  We wanted something that would really stand out to other GCDC participants {so I could get the conversation going about what a wonderful shop Doable Diapers is… and it truly is!}.  The Lux reminds me of a Hawaiian/Tiki Man print, with the numbers 1-4 printed on the diaper.  I don’t fully understand the meaning behind the print {if you know the story, share it with all of us!} and I’m quite sure Sophia doesn’t either, but it sure looks like she loves this bright pink diaper, doesn’t it?!?

Why I Love Rumparooz Diapers:  Although they are a bit more expensive than other well-known pocket cloth diapers, I think they are worth the extra $$.  I love the gentle leg gussets.  The 6r soaker is totally unique in that in can be used 6 different ways and I love the fact that the newborn soaker can be snapped onto the other, to prevent moving and bunching in the pocket.  The colors and prints are unmatched by any other one single brand of reusable diapers. Sophia is still on the middle snaps of these diapers and they give her a better fit than her Bumgenius Snap diapers. I used to despise Snap Closure diapers, but I’m beginning to realize that they have a longer life than velcro and Soph has started pulling at the velcro tabs, so it won’t be long before she figures out how to undo her diapers, I’m afraid.  The Rumparooz snaps are very sturdy and snap together extremely easy… which is nice with such a wiggly babe!

Why I Love Doable Diapers:  Andrea’s customer service is A-Mazing.  Seriously.  She ships super fast and is always just an email, tweet, or FB message away.  She is courteous to her followers and offers giveaways on her blog quite regularly.  If you ever have any cloth diapering related questions, see the Doable Diapers blog.  I bet she’s already answered them!

Rumparooz cloth Diapers


That’s right, Sophia is walking.

Just in time, too.  Since she was around 6 months, all she wanted to do was stand.  She wanted anyone and everyone to hold her hands so she could stand up.  I made the proclamation that she would walk before she turned 11 months.  It was a clever guess, because I wasn’t sure if she would start walking at 9 or 10 months.  Even on the eve of her 8 month birthday, I wondered if she would skip crawling altogether and go straight to walking… but she proved that theory wrong the very same night.

So, when Sophia wasn’t walking last week, one week before she would turn 11 months, I worried that once again she would prove me wrong.  Until last Friday afternoon…

I was on the phone with my Mom and Sophia let go of the cabinets and started to walk, which she had been doing quite a bit, but only taking 4-5 steps before falling.  When she did it this time, I counted aloud.  20 steps!?!?!  I then texted a friend and asked “When do you call it officially “walking”?  Her response… “Probably when you have to ask if it’s official!!!!”

I loved that response and so it became official.  Sophia walked at 10 months {3 days before she turned 11 months}.

Walking Collage

Now she’s walking everywhere.  Well, after she falls a few times.  She’s not got it completely down, but I can just see her running around at her Birthday Party.  She’s an active little girl and isn’t letting the little tumbles slow her down one bit.

{semi} Wordless Wednesday: glimpse Edition

So, my husband and I have been very busy IRL.  Here’s a glimpse into our latest project…


House Before

House After

Landscaping Project is complete.

{At one point in the 1 1/2 month process, I really wondered if I would ever utter those words.}

Safe In the Sun Winners!

I have lots of winners to announce, so let’s get to it!

Congrats to Susan M*!  Sometimes it pays off to be the first one to enter a giveaway!!!
You are going to love this organic based sunscreen.
Thanks to Natural Pure Essentials for sponsoring.

Congrats to Mrs. Smitty* for winning the Bummis Swimmi of her choice!
It was an easy decision for her because she LOVES the Turtles print! 

The next lucky winner is Megan B*!  She’s a new follower who has some great luck.  She wins a pair of Baby Banz for her favorite little guy/gal!

Congrats to the following Winners:
Tandra A.*, Tiffany*, Joy N.*, and Sabrina Radke*
I’m so happy to share this product with all of these lovely ladies, especially a former Skin Cancer survivor!
Remember… you can still take advantage of that SPECTACULAR BOGO offer on the Sierra Summits website, making a tube of Tahoe Kids only $6.49!!  Use code “KIDS241”!

Congrats to Lindsay O*!  She’ll no longer have thirsty kiddo’s or wet diaper bags, thanks to Nourish Water

Last, but definitely not least… I know Keri B.* will be thrilled to find out that she won the bottle of Earth Mama Angel Baby Lotion!

Congrats to all the Winners!  If you didn’t win, don’t be discouraged, as I shared yesterday, you’re going to have 36 chances to win during the Rock ‘N Rollin’ Teeny Boppin’ 1st Birthday Bash in May!!!

I’ll be emailing all Safe In the Sun Winners throughout the day.  The Winners have 48 hours to respond before another Winner will be chosen.  Thanks to all for Entering!!!
*Winner has been confirmed.

Great Cloth Diaper Change

How many of you participated in the GCDC this weekend?  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll give you the quick backstory.  The Real Diaper Association came up with a fantastic plan to raise cloth diaper awareness and set a Guinness Book of World Records for the most cloth diapers changed at one time.  Although there still hasn’t been an “official” proclamation of a record being set on Saturday, I am sure we were successful {fingers crossed}!

I attended the “semi-local” event in Knoxville, TN.  I was super excited about the event and really looking forward to meeting other cloth diapering Mama’s!  The event did not disappoint at all!  There were 40 babes who participated at our location and we had a great array of prizes and gift bags that were given out.  Although I didn’t win a prize, it was just as exciting see all of those babes in their cloth diapers!  I have NEVER seen so much cute fluff!!!


Sophia went to the event decked out in her “It’s Good to Be Green” shirt, with a matching Spring Rumparooz.

GCDC Swing

Enjoying a swing before the Event.

GCDC Green

Then she was changed into another Rumparooz, this time a Snap diaper in the Lux print {review to come on Thursday}, sponsored by Doable Diapers!

GCDC Finished

I’d love to hear how your experience was, if you attended a GCDC event!

Happy Easter!

This is Sophia’s first Easter and we’re spending it… hiding eggs!  We’ll see how much she enjoys it {and I’ll be sure to share a picture too!}

Since it’s Easter, I felt like it was a great time to update you on how our search for a home church is going.

We have only visited two different churches.  One was a slightly new established church that is marketed towards a contemporary crowd.  We thought we would love it… quite the opposite.  We just didn’t feel “at home”.  There were quite a few reasons, but we’ll just leave it at that.

The other church that we’ve visited is where we’ve been going for the last 4 Sundays.  I feel like it has more of a “teaching” atmosphere rather than a “preaching”, if that makes sense.  Everyone is very friendly, without being pushy.  The youth Minister visited our home after our first time there and was very welcoming and informative about things that go on within the church, also without being too pushy.

We haven’t decided to call it home, just yet.  We’ve still been going to the Service only, not Sunday School and Sophia has yet to go into the Nursery, but we’re thinking about starting that next week.  Since she’s never been in daycare, and she’s only been babysat by 4 people (3 grandparents and my best friend, basically her aunt), it will definitely be a test for her… and us.

I’ll keep you updated on how our journey goes, as we go along.  Right now, we’re still not completely at peace, but here’s to hoping we will be soon…

Happy Easter!

DIY Cloth Wipes Solutions

You may remember that when I featured the Organic Bamboo Velour Cloth Wipes from Two Sweet Potatoes a week ago, I asked for some tips.  For starters, I wanted a good wipe solution recipe!  I know I can buy different types but I love to DIY!  Secondly, I asked for tips on how to get poo off of the wipes {a major snag in why I don’t use cloth wipes exclusively}.

A few SEBG readers came through and I want to share their tips with you!

Wipe Solution Recipes:

From Leann at Cloth Diaper Diaries:

This wipes solution is by far the most unique I’ve ever seen!  Leann actually makes a foaming wipe solution.  Check out her DIY post to get lots of detailed instructions and pictures!

She also let me know that she’s been adding a couple of drops of Tea Tree Oil lately.  {This must be the magic ingredient as it’s found in all 3 solutions that I was sent!}

From Jamie at Triple Duty Momma:

2 cups water
1 T natural baby shampoo
1 teaspoon baby oil
3 drops tea tree oil

The tea tree oil is an antiseptic/antifungal so it should actually help prevent rashes. You can basically tweak it for your needs. Another variation is to substitute [the baby oil] with olive oil. The lavender oil is just for scent so it’s not really necessary.  I hope this helps. I would just stick this in a spray bottle and try it out.

From Beth at Generously Green:

1 tsp of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap (I use Baby Mild, but you could use other scents)
10ish drops of Tea Tree Oil
10ish drops of Lemongrass Essential Oil
Distilled water
I put it in a small stainless steel squirt bottles.

I think simply TTO in water would be good too.

The second issue was addressed in a comment to the post, from kellysteffen…

As to your question about cleaning poo off of wipes, here is what I do. I’m relatively new to using cloth wipes and I don’t even have a sprayer so I’m sure there are easier ways to do it. I have a small plastic spoon (I read somewhere else that someone uses a spork) that I keep in the bathroom. With dirty wipes, I always plan to keep one corner clean and I’ll hold that corner while I clean off the wipe with the spoon. It’s been working for us so far!

I appreciate the interaction with such great readers!  Thanks for the tips, gals!!!

Earth Mama Angel Baby

Fact/Tip of the Day:  This fact is what inspired this event the most… More than one million cases of skin cancer will be diagnosed this year.  The American Cancer Society estimates that 1.5 million cases of skin cancer will be diagnosed this year, a number that is expected to continually rise.  Skin cancer is most deadly for African Americans, Asians, and Latinos. The risk of developing melanoma is rather low for African Americans, Asians, and Latinos, however this type of skin cancer is typically more deadly for these groups. You should know that all people are at risk of developing skin cancer, regardless of ethnicity. Source.

I’m sure the majority of you have came across the Earth Mama Angel Baby line of products as you’re browsing the net… it’s an extremely memorable name {genius marketing} and if you haven’t, listen up read along because you don’t want to miss it now!

Are you wondering why in the world a line like Earth Mama Angel Baby is included in a Stay Safe in the Sun event?  When I come in from a day {or even a few hours} in the sun, my skin feels so dry!  Keeping your skin hydrated is so important {and feels good too!}.  The main way to keep your skin and your baby’s skin hydrated… drink lots of water!  Sometimes, though, you want something to quench that dryness fast.

So, to keep my Angel Baby’s skin hydrated and smooth, I turned to the Angel Baby side of Earth Mama Angel Baby and found the most delightful lotion!  The Angel Baby Lotion is perfect for her skin.  It’s so creamy, rubs in easily, and leaves no greasy residue.  Here’s a little bit about it from their website…

Angel Baby Lotion was formulated with extra care, because what goes on your baby goes in your baby. The first US personal care product certified to the NSF/ANSI 305 Standard, Angel Baby Lotion contains organic ingredients but of course zero toxins and no artificial preservatives, fragrances or dyes. Just pure ingredients to moisturize and protect sensitive, delicate skin, for babies of all ages – top to bottom, cheeks to cheeks.
Made with organic Rooibos, soothing to eczema, skin allergies and diaper rash, and smells so naturally good you’ll have to nibble on an adorable little tootsie or two! Contains wheat gluten.
NSF Certified Contains Organic Ingredients
No Artificial Fragrances, Preservatives or Dyes
Zero Toxins

Why I Love the Angel Baby Lotion: I just love that there’s an organic lotion on the market.  You can really tell a difference between a typical baby lotion and the Angel Baby Lotion.  It’s creamier, smells delish {I can’t quite put my finger on it… but think very light citrus-y vanilla} and it makes Sophia’s skin shine… really!  A little goes a long way.  I can really see our 4 oz bottle lasting longer than cheaper lotions.

Buy It:  You can purchase a 4 oz bottle of the Angel Baby Lotion from the EMAB website for $10.95 and at a large variety of other retailers.  While you’re on the site, take a look at all the other products in the Earth Mama and Angel Baby lines.

Snapper Rock SPF Clothing

Fact/Tip of the Day:  Contrary to what you may think, Melanoma doesn’t just occur on the skin.  In dark-skinned people, melanoma often appears under the fingernails or toenails, on the palms of the hands, and/or on the soles of the feet.  When I was pregnant, I had a few detailed ultrasounds because Melanoma can also often appear on the placenta.  My dentist always checks under my tongue, as well.  Source.

Were you aware that there is sun protective clothing available for kids with a built-in SPF factor?  I had no clue!  When I found the SunSational Style website, I felt like I had hit the jackpot!  As I stated in an earlier post, one of the ACS’ recommendations is for you to “cover up”.  Wear more clothing that will protect your skin.  So, what’s better than clothing that has the sunblock built right in!?!

I was sent a Snapper Rock Girls Short Sleeve Swim Set from SunSational Style to review on Sophia.

Snapper Rock

Oh my.  Cuteness overload.

I mean… do I have a future Surfer Girl on my hands or what!?  First things first… this outfit is absolutely adorable.  Pink and brown is one of my favorite color combinations and it looks great on this set.  Now, what’s so special about this cutesy set?  Well…

Snapper Rock offers the hottest looking UF50+ SPF Swimsuits you can find. Gorgeous floral panel compliments solid fronts. Short Sleeve Rash tops and low-rise water shorts block 98% of harmful rays.

  • Quick drying
  • Lightweigh and breathable
  • High collars for added delicate neck sun protection
  • Flat Lock Stitching to reduce rubbing
  • Low rise water shorts have lining
  • Soft elastic waist band for increased comfort 

One thing I was concerned about with the built-in SPF was the washing care.  Hey, if it’s not easy to take care of… it will be pushed to the back of the closet, right Mom’s?  Gina from SunSational Style reassured me that the SPF won’t wash out, because… the protection is not from chemicals, but the tight weaving of the material!  How great and green is that?!  The only way that the SPF will come out is with lots of stretching over a long period of time.  She encouraged me to most often just rinse in the sink and air dry.  When the set really needs cleaning, I can it put in the washer on a Delicate cycle!

Snapper Rock SPF Clothing

This set fit Sophia great.  The only thing that was difficult about it was getting that tiny little opening over her big head {big heads = big brains}.  It was super light and she moved around like she was having “nakey time”. I did have a regular cloth diaper on her in the picture, which makes the shorts look a bit tighter than they really are.  When we’re at the beach, she’ll have a trim swim diaper on, which will make a huge difference.

Why I Love this Snapper Rock Swim Set:  Like I said, I didn’t even know that SPF clothing existed before I found the SunSational Style website.  Now that I’ve been paying attention, I have found other SPF clothing at Target and other stores.  I’ve looked at them, felt of them and they don’t even compare to the Snapper Rock set.  It’s so well made, flexible, and light against Sophia.  I love the “green-ness” of using the tight weave as the SPF protectant rather than chemicals and I love that I found such a cute form of baby sun protection!

Although I was sent a Snapper Rock Swim Set for Sophia to review, I was not paid/enticed to write a fabulous review for this product, all opinions are expressed are 100% mine!

Nourish Water

Fact/Tip of the Day:  Infants and children are especially vulnerable [to dehydration] because of their relatively small body weights and high turnover of water and electrolytes.  Source.  Keep them hydrated and Stay Safe in the Sun!

Have you stumbled upon Nourish Water, yet?  You may have seen them around the internet or maybe even in a few airports.  Just in case you haven’t, let me let you in on a little green secret… you’re gonna love them!

Nourish Water

Imagine in your mind a Mama, out in town by herself, doing a bit of shopping and her beautiful babe decides it’s time for her bottle.  So, I that Mama reaches into the diaper bag to pull out one of the Avent bottles she pre-packed with water, only to find that it had at some point, turned over and dripped every drop of water out of the bottle, onto the change of clothes, cloth diapers… everything.  Not only did we they have wet clothes and diapers, but the bottle was dry and I that Mama had a hungry babe!

So, yes, we were able to get water relatively fast since we were at a store that sold bottled water, but what if we weren’t?  I love our Avent bottles, but I will say that the very reason I love them {the natural venting system} is the very reason I most often curse them under my breath.  They leak way too often, so it’s deifnitely a real hassle to fill them with water and take them anywhere.  Enter the bottle-leaking nightmare saver… Nourish!

I am in love with this Baby and Toddler Water Bottle idea.  Nourish geniously discovered the need for busy parents on the go to have safe {BPA free}, affordable, green {recyclable/reusable}, and delish water for their children!

The Toddler Nourish water bottle has a spill-proof sippy lid and is filled with 10oz of purified spring water.  The Baby Nourish bottle has a recylable/reusable nipple and neck collar.  It holds 8 oz of purified spring water.  They have conveniently left extra room for you to pour your formula right in to mix easily!  The water bottles themselves are recyclable, BPA free, and made in the USA.
Obviously we all know that staying hydrated in the sun is super important for us to do, but even more so for our children!  A great idea that I stumbled across for older toddlers, to make sure they’re drinking enough water, is to make marks on the bottle for them to track their intake.  It will definitely turn into a fun game!
Why I Love the Nourish System:  Convenience!  Now, would I go buy a million of these bottles to use around the house?  No.  Just like I don’t go buy regular water bottles to drink out of all the time.  I try to make green-er choices.  However, there are times when you need convenience {mainly travel, which is why Nourish is making it’s way into airports across the country} and I believe Nourish is one of the best resources available.
Buy It:  You can purchase a Toddler or Baby Nourish bottle for $3.99 each from their website or variety of retailers.

Sierra Summits Natural Sunscreen

Fact/Tip of the Day:  Indoor ultraviolet (UV) tanners are 74 percent more likely to develop melanoma than those who have never tanned indoors.  Source.
I feel privileged to introduce you to an absolutely wonderful company {and it’s Owner} today.  Sierra Summits, was founded in 2006 by Jennifer Rice, a MPAS PA-C in Dermatology.  “It was patient feedback and concerns about the “mainstream” sunscreen brands, which prompted Rice to bring a high quality, dermatology grade sunscreen to market at an affordable price point.”
In my opinion, Sierra Summits has found a Winner.  I am absolutely in love with this sunscreen.  Weird?  Maybe.  Believe me, I’ve tried quite a few sunscreens on the market and this is the first one I reach for… for Sophia and me!
Sierra Summits

Haven’t heard of Sierra Summits’ Tahoe Kids sunscreen before?  That’s not surprising.  They are still a relatively small brand and are working on getting their name out through grass roots campaigns.  Let me tell you a bit about the Tahoe Kids sunscreen.

  • It has an SPF of 40.
  • It is based on a Zinc Oxide formula {exactly what you want in a good sunscreen!}
  • It is Oil-Free and Fragrance-Free.
  • It is Hypoallergenic.
  • It will not burn your eyes.
  • Best of All… It has received the approval of the Melanoma International Foundation.
I was asked recently if the sunscreens that I use are chemical free, since I’m proclaiming to be a green Mama.  Sunscreen is one thing that I will not compromise with.  I have battled skin cancer and I will do everything in my power {that is healthy} to protect and prevent my child from going through the issues that I have.

There are some areas that I choose to go the natural route and some areas that I choose to heed my Doctor’s advice.

Why I Love Tahoe Kids Sunscreen:  It’s smooth, creamy, and I really feel like it protects our skin.  Sophia’s skin seems sensitive at times and it’s never dried her out or made her skin red.  It rubs in easily, isn’t greasy at all, and has NO scent.  I hate walking around smelling like sunscreen {unless I’m at the beach!}

Buy It:  You can buy a 3 oz tube of Tahoe Kids Sunscreen on the Sierra Summits website for $12.99.