Wildtree Review: Scampi Blend Seasoning

I have a great product and company to share with you all... I was so excited that Amanda gave me the opportunity to review Wildtree products! Wildtree is a great company. With super great products. the products are all natural. peanut free. msg free. additive free. dye free.  Wildtree makes making good meals healthier and easier.  I am always looking for ways to make cooking easier (aren't we all), faster, and definitely healthier. The first Wildtree product that I received to review is the Scampi Blend.  Oh my.  It smelled delicious as soon as I opened the pack.  I'm a HUGE Shrimp Scampi lover (uh, hello, Red Lobster's Endless Shrimp feast!) and was very excited to make my own Shrimp Scampi.  I was able to see EXACTLY what was going into the recipe and how good it actually is for me! I decided to make the Shrimp Scampi over … [Read more...]

A.B.E. *Sponsor Spotlight* – Greener Route

By now, I'm sure you have all realized that I am taking small steps to live a green-er life.  A few years ago, when "going green" became so popular, I tried it and failed... miserably.  I tried too hard.  I tried to change too many things in my life, way too fast and it just wasn't feasible. I was determined this time to make my life, my family, and my world more environmentally friendly and I have succeeded.  I'm still taking small steps, but I truly believe that is the key!  My hope is that my A.B.E. winner will be grateful for these products that will help them "Live Greener".  I also hope that you've found some fabulous new shops to buy your eco-friendly products! And to last our *Sponsor Spotlight*... Today's Spotlight is on The Greener Route. Hi! I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Danielle and I am a stay at home … [Read more...]

A.B.E. – *Sponsor Spotlight* – Skoy Cloths

Today's Spotlight is on Skoy. If you read any blogs at all, you've probably came across a review of Skoy Eco-friendly Cleaning Cloths.  They are popping up everywhere and let me tell you why... They are a fabulous alternative to paper towels! I'll be honest with you.  Since my choice to cloth diaper my daughter, I've been taking baby steps to make my family green-er.  One of my hardest steps has definitely been "quitting" paper towels.  They are just so easy and convenient on that little roll above my sink.  Since finding Skoy cloths, it truthfully has become easier for me to reach for them instead. Why do I love Skoy? They are convenient because of their size.  I was skeptical at first.  They look a bit, small, in the pictures, but truthfully their size makes them easier accessible as I can keep them in a kitchen drawer or … [Read more...]

A.B.E. – *Sponsor Spotlight* – Qwerty O

Today's Spotlight is on the Etsy shop, Qwerty O. All produce and snack bags are made by Kristin, my 17 year old daughter, who is saving the money for college. Help us reduce trash in the world AND help send her to college. We love all our great customers, their support and their wonderful feedback!!!! We appreciate you and can't thank you enough! All products are shipped in all recycled, recyclable and/or reusable packaging when possible. Funky boxes in your mailbox. :)  I jumped on the Re-Usable Shopping Bag bandwagon as soon as stores started making them readily available (and some so cute!).  I will admit that from time to time, I do use the store's plastic bags, but I always re-use them for small trash bags in our bathroom trash cans.  But, I hate using those small, plastic produce bags for my veggies and fruits.  They are too small … [Read more...]

A.B.E. – *Sponsor Spotlight* – EcoMom


Today's Spotlight is on EcoMom. I   l.o.v.e.  the online store, EcoMom.  They have everything and anything that you could possibly want/need in order to make your life a little green-er, from Re-Usable Shopping Bags, Cloth Diapers, Organic Baby Food, EcoCups, and everything in between!  They also have a blog full of information for those going green! EcoMom sent a product specifically for Sophia to review and let me tell you, she enjoyed her first "real" reviewing job, can you tell?!? Sophia received the Under the Nile Scraptapus. "This adorable octupus toy is made with out left over scraps, hence being called a scraptopus!  Withits vibrant primary colors and soft rib knit fabric, this scaptopus is sure to be a hit with your child!" If you want one for your child, The Scraptapus retails for $14.00 at EcoMom. Try to tell … [Read more...]

As Organic As You Can Get – Preparing Organic Carrots

Organic Carrots

Sophia is eating food.  Not baby food, but food food.  It's a good thing I prepared for this... Last Spring, while I was 7 months pregnant, I planted carrot seeds indoors in our seed starting tray.  What was I doing on my due date?  Weeding the garden, of course!  Seriously, Miss Sophia was perfectly happy and fine in my belly and I wanted to make sure her carrots were weed free! Fast forward to a few weeks later, it was time to pull the carrots! Since Sophia was only a couple months old, she wasn't quite ready to eat her organic carrots yet, so I researched online about how to freeze them.  My first intentions were to can them (another thing I really started to pick up on this Summer), but I can with a water bath, which is not recommended for any type of veggies that aren't acidic. Preparing Organic Carrots Wash the … [Read more...]

A.B.E. – *Sponsor Spotlight* – The Threaded Needle


**EDIT: The Threaded Needle changed it's name to Marine Parents. Today's Spotlight is on the Etsy Shoppe, The Threaded Needle.  The Threaded Needle was born when I discovered that my husband, Caleb, could sew.... needless to say that man hasn't had much chance to step away from the sewing machine because I have a rather lengthy list of projects... Slowly but surely, I am starting to sew a bit myself and add new and exciting items to the shoppe like the knotted statement necklaces!! Our inspiration behind each item is our family - from Kindle covers for the devoted reader like me, to wipes cases and Sophie Leashes for our daughter. We make sure to test our items before ever selling, and bring you the same level of quality we would expect for something of our own!   I met April through her blog, Marine Parents, a few months ago.  We … [Read more...]

Hubby Would Be So Proud.

I have found it!  Rob (the hubs) always gives me a hard time about entering giveaways.  "Do you really need more diapers?"  He always says, "Why can't you win a car, a trip, money (money?!)". So, I've found it.  A giveaway he can really get on board with... Free Pasta For a YEAR!!!!! Stuff Parents Need has a giveaway open right now until January 20th, for a prize of a year's worth of pasta from Ronco!  It is only valid if you live in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, and TENNESSEE!  (We Southerners know good pasta, apparently!) I'm crossing my fingers for this one! … [Read more...]

A.B.E. – *Sponsor Spotlight* – Bug Baby

Today's Spotlight is on the Etsy Shop, Bug Baby Creations! So far, we've discussed how giving up paper napkins and paper sanitary napkins tampons and pads, are small steps to living a greener life.  Today, I have the perfect solution to giving up those drab, plain plastic sandwich and snack bags! Jen, at BugBaby, was such a delight to work with and sent me the most fabulous bags to review!  I received a Sandwich and Snack bag set in the cutest print and as you can see, I HAD to try it out the minute I washed it up!   I dropped in some almonds (cocoa coated, my fave!), put it in Soph's diaper bag and headed on our daily errands.  While we were out, I reached for my snack and smiled because the bags are just that cute! One thing that I really loved about these bags is the fact that they flap over and then hook and loop velcro, so … [Read more...]

A.B.E. – *Sponsor Spotlight* – Cutiepoops

I was lucky enough to win a giveaway package from Cutiepoops a few months ago when they celebrated reaching 1,000 Fans on Facebook.  In the package, I received a Cutiepad and a Cutieliner.  It was my first experience with Mama Cloth and I was very surprised at the easiness and comfort of using cloth instead of disposable options. Cutiepoops has a large variety of green products for sale on her website from Mama Cloth, very well known and loved Cloth Diapers, and Un-Paper CutieTowels!   One thing I LOVE about Cutiepoops (other than the fabulous customer service) is the fact that Cutiepoops has awesome products at very affordable prices. Adrian, from Cutiepoops, is offering up (1) Cutiepad for the Living Green prize package during A.B.E.  She will determine what print the Cutiepad is, and I promise you will not be disappointed with … [Read more...]

Leah Beah strap Winner!

We have a Winner for the Leah Beah Giveaway! According to random.org... Courtney, you have a new Leah Beah strap coming your way!  I'm emailing you now!  She has 48 hours to contact me back before another winner is chosen.  Thanks for entering everyone!!! You can see the entries for this giveaway on my {Google Form}. … [Read more...]