Up My Sleeve.

I'm proud to report that Sophia is doing wonderfully at nighttime now.  We are both sleeping so well and she's a happier child during the day (and I, a happier Mommy) because of it! Now... for what's up my sleeve.  I'm getting super excited about the huge event that will be happening on the blog in 1 week... I've got some great information to help you make doing cloth diaper laundry even easier, as well as, fabulous giveaways from Knickernappies, Rockin' Green, CleanB Detergents, The Diaper Bag Wrangler, Rubymoon, Wahmies, Dropps, Nellie's, and a surprise fluff giveaway to kick off the event on Monday!!  Get excited! … [Read more...]

The Calm Before the Storm?


So, how did the second night of sleeping go after the talk? Better than the first!?!  She laid down, cried/whined less than a minute, at 9 pm.  She didn't make a sound until 6 am this morning!!!  Wow.  Is this the calm before the "crying it out" storm?  I sure hope not.  Maybe the talk really worked... :) In other news, I took Sophia out to eat by myself today.  I enjoyed a Big Zax Snack Meal while she enjoyed Chicken with Vegetables and her new baby crack.  It was extremely difficult to do by ourselves and I definitely have a new respect for the Moms I see dining with their child/children by themselves.  It was fun, after we got the hang of it, and I look forward to sharing more Mommy & Daughter meals in the future! … [Read more...]

The Talk

So, yesterday Sophia and I had "the talk".  It went a little something like this... "Ok, Sophia.  You are 8 months old now.  It's time for you to start playing a bit more by yourself.  It's also time for Mommy to stop getting up in the middle of the night every time you whimper to rock you back to sleep." On normal nights, she goes to sleep around 9 pm and wakes up around 1-2 am.  I rock her back to sleep, but she has to be asleep, or when you lay her down, those eyes pop wide open and she screams when she sees me walk out of the room... repeat process over and over...  We were up for 2 hours on Wednesday night. So... how was the first night after the talk? WONDERFUL! She woke up at 2 am and started making noises, but instead of running in her room (as I would normally do), I just listened.  The whimpers (she didn't even … [Read more...]

Tommee Tippee Review

Tommee Tippee

I was so excited to get the chance to review Tommee Tippee products.  I always see them at Babies 'R Us and they beckon to me with all the colorful bowls and cups! Sophia just turned 8 months old yesterday and for the past two weeks, she has only been interested in eating foods that she can feed herself.  Let me tell ya, it makes for a difficult time when she's eating yogurt or pureed green beans!  I'm not quite ready for her to self-feed with a spoon yet, but we're getting there.  She has found a love for Cheerio's, baby puffs, and asparagus stalks during this phase and I thought it would be a great time to introduce to try keeping her food in a bowl as she eats. The Tommee Tippee Explora Mat and Weaning bowls are perfect for this transitional phase.  The Explora Mat sticks to any flat surface and then the bowls suction right to … [Read more...]

She always proves me wrong!

It never fails.  Sophia always proves me wrong. If I say she loves fresh cherries, she won't eat them when I try to show her Daddy. If I say that she copies me when I cough, she won't when I try to show her Grandmother. If I say that she can't crawl yet... she CRAWLS! I apologize for the bad quality... it was shot with my cell phone and my high pitched voice.  I was just too excited!  And yes, I enticed her to crawl with a hairbrush.  Don't judge... it worked! Maybe I should blog about how she isn't sleeping through the night... would it work twice!?!?! … [Read more...]

Cutest Sandwich Bags Ever

Remember yesterday when I said "stay tuned to the blog, for a special from Bug Baby Designs"? Remember these cute bags that I reviewed? Well, Jen from Bug Baby, would like to offer all of the wonderful readers of So Easy Being Green, a chance to get 15% off their order of any of her cute sandwich and snack bags!!!  Just use the code, "SEBG15off"! That makes a cute set of her sandwich and snack bags only $8.50!!!  You seriously can't beat that.  These bags are so cute and such great quality!  What will you get? Don't forget the other discount codes that I posted yesterday too: Threaded Needle Etsy Shoppe: 10% off anything in the store with the code "Green". EcoMom: 15% off your first purchase with the code "SBBL725". … [Read more...]

Crawling yet?


Well, that's a BIG, FAT   N-O!  Sophia is so close to crawling.  She goes from sitting to her knees, back to sitting, then to knees again, over and over and over.  Once she finally takes the first lunge on her knees, she plops down on her belly and let's her whine voice be heard until you sit her back up! In other news, she has started pulling up to stand on her own!  She pulls up on toys... Bookshelves (thankfully anchored to the wall), furniture, and my legs while I'm sitting on the floor or in a chair. Will she go straight to walking?  What did your child do and what age did they crawl, walk, etc? She'll be 8 months tomorrow!  Seriously, that close to her 1st birthday... unbelievable!?!?!? … [Read more...]

We have a Winner… for A Blogtastic Extravaganza!

I hope everyone enjoyed A.B.E. as much as I did!  I gained alot of new readers and I hope you'll stick around because there are plenty more giveaways coming up on the blog, including the "So Easy Doing Fluffy Laundry" event, starting Feb. 7th! Now... on to the winner.  I had a whopping "1632" entries (including Extra Entries) into my giveaway.  WOW!  I realize that my prize package may not have been worth hundreds of dollars, but I worked hard to bring products into the package that are usable and will help you live a little green-er, in style! Thanks to EVERYONE who entered, but there could be only one winner! Congratulations to... Katie M! I'm emailing you now! I hope she's ecstatic to win these great products. She has 48 hours to claim her prize before another winner is drawn. And for all of you that didn't win, … [Read more...]

A Blogtastic Extravaganza GIVEAWAY

You have until January 22nd 2011, at 11:59 pm EST, to enter into all A Blogtastic Extravaganza Giveaways. With over 100 different blogs and over $13,000 in prizes to be won, you do NOT want to miss entering these giveaways! The time is here!  Are you ready to see what you can win in my "Living Green - Green Mama" prize package?! Set of 4 Michael Miller cotton napkins from Napkin LapKin, $8.00 (RV) Cutiepad (Mama Cloth) from Cutiepoops, $5.50 (RV) Set of Re-Usable Sandwich and Snack Bags (in print of your choice!) from Bug Baby Creations, $10.00 (RV) Organic Knotted Statement Necklace (teething/nursing necklace) from The Threaded Needle, $12.00 (RV) EcoMom Gift Certificate, $15.00 (RV). 5 pack of Re-Usable Produce Bags from Qwerty O, $10.00 (RV) 4 pack of Skoy Cloths, $6.99 Set of Re-Usable Sandwich … [Read more...]

Slumber Party

Slumber Party

When Sophia was about 4 weeks old, we transitioned her from our bed to her crib.  She did great.  We did... well, not so great.  When I was pregnant, Rob and I both decided that we would not co-sleep.  We just felt that it was best for her and for our relationship as a married couple.  No one told me that when this little girl came home with us, that I wouldn't be able to bear putting her in a room by herself and not staying in there!  So... we co-slept for 4 weeks. She started sleeping much better during the night and I was still getting no sleep.  That's when we decided to transition her. She seriously did so good.  We would lay in bed and say, "Maybe we should let her sleep with us just for tonight... Tonight?"  This happened almost nightly, but we still missed … [Read more...]

Wildtree Review

Remember my delicious dinner of Shrimp Scampi Pasta that I made the other night?  Well, I think I may have beat it last night! Last night I made a scrumdiddlyumptious Chicken Stir Fry, with the help of Wildtree's Kickin' Asian Stir Fry Sauce!  Want to see how easy it was?  Sure you do! I was cooking for the two of us, so I made just enough for dinner and leftovers for lunch. I sliced 1 large onion and 1/2 green pepper. I also sliced 2 chicken breasts into small slices (not pictured because, let's face it, uncooked chicken looks disgusting!?  Your welcome.) Heat your Grapeseed Oil (or EVOO) over Medium-High Heat.  Add chicken and cook until browned, be sure to season with salt & pepper.  Take your chicken out of the pan and add Onions and Peppers, lowering the heat to Medium.  I add salt & pepper and love to squeeze … [Read more...]