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Wordless Wednesday

I want in on all the fun!  So, yes, this is supposed to be Wordless, but give me a break… I'm new at this!

So, tell me.  Is there a theme to these Wordless Wednesdays that all you Mommy Bloggers secretly know about, or is it random cute pictures of your babes?

wordless wednesday silly hair
Taken on July 4, 2010.


  1. I would say random cuteness. Or make your own theme! :) I usually try to just do photos from the week, or a theme like "fall" or "picnic" – something like that! :)
    I can never quite get the "wordless" part either – haha!
    Hey did that button code work for you?


  2. Crunchy Beach Mama says:

    Just random cuteness :)

    Love the spikes :)

  3. adorable!!! sophia is so cute and crazy!

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